Jason Wong

Jason Wong (He/Him)

(Strengths: Kindness, Love, Honesty, Humour, Leadership) Jason is a proven and passionate leader of people, successful in motivating, developing and inspiring others to exceed expectations. He has over two and a half decades of experience leading, coaching and mentoring technology professionals and managers, after having had an initial career in the hospitality industry in customer-facing…

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Monica Rosenfeld (She/Her)

Monica is one of Australia’s leading educators and speakers on the topic of communication and storytelling. She has worked in the media industry globally for over 25 years and has helped thousands of people communicate their stories, to an audience of millions. Monica is on a mission to unleash the true storytelling superpower of leaders,…

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Charlie Winn (He/Him)

Charlie is a Leadership and Executive Coach.  He is a strengths-based coach with IECL & Leadership Circle Profile certified practitioner bringing a diverse background as a business owner and leader not only in agencies (20+ years) but also in technology, consulting, insurance, telecommunications, not-for-profit, engineering, and airlines. Charlie is driven to make a difference, influencing…

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Dr Manisha Amin (she/her)

Manisha is the chief strategist and visionary at the Centre for Inclusive Design. With a background in strategic marketing, communication, transforming cultures, and creativity she is a thought leader in the power of thinking from the edge. Manisha has a unique talent for seeing beyond the horizon to emerging trends, defining them, and building powerful…

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Richie Mulder (He/Him)

Is the co-founder of Carbon Halo, an organization committed to helping businesses become empowered by simplifying ways to take positive climate action.  Having spent 20+ years in corporate business, as an accredited carbon specialist has seen the impact on our environment and the difficulty for most to do something about it, Richie is on a…

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Beth Williams (She/They)

(Strengths: Kindness, Perspective, Spirituality, Gratitude and Zest ) Originally from the UK, Beth has an extensive background in Psychology working as a Case Manager with vulnerable youths and those with disabilities and mental health illnesses. This experience has helped Beth understand the needs of those who have experienced extreme trauma and hardship in their lives…

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Simon Popley

Simon Popley (He/Him)

Simon redefines leadership from the inside out and apply the latest in coaching psychology research along with evidence based assessment tools to create insights that facilitate development and growth. He walks with his clients to develop greater perspective taking capacity to enable them to lead in complex environments successfully. Simon supports clients every step of…

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Jeremy Mah (He/Him)

(Strengths: Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Honesty, Love of Learning, Hope, Prudence) Jeremy is passionate about supporting those working to create change. Specifically, his interests lie in human potential and sustainability, environmental and social issues, transformative learning and coaching, leadership and organisational change, and how our understanding of these fields can help create a more…

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Georgia Denny

Georgia Denny (She/Her)

(Strengths: Kindness, Perspective, Gratitude, Honesty and Social Intelligence) With a background in Leadership Development, Diversity, Recruitment & Talent strategy, Georgia is deeply passionate about workaround mindsets and behaviours, diversity in leadership and supporting leaders to find meaning in what they do and lead as the most authentic versions of themselves. Georgia has spent the majority…

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Fern Rice (She/Her)

(Strengths: Kindness, diligence, fairness and love of learning  – with a few others thrown in to the mix when needed) Originally from NZ and with a long and diverse background from IT to customer service and business development, Fern runs her own Virtual Assistant business (Your PA and More). She is the team ‘Mum’, the…

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Mariane Power (She/Her)

(Strengths: Zest, Curiosity, Love of Learning) Mariane is unashamedly obsessed with all things related to human potential, and her work is driven by her big audacious goal to see all unnecessary emotional pain and suffering eliminated within her lifetime. With a history of research contributions and practical applications of fostering purpose and potential across the…

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Siena Nisavic (She/Her)

Passionate about powerful stories of impact and change, Siena brings with her an extensive background in brand development, marketing strategy, and content production.

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Sharon Gray (She/Her)

Winangar Guru is the official Bambuddha Advisory Partner and is a 100% Indigenous-owned consultancy specialising in the execution of Indigenous Australian Inclusion Program and Reconciliation Action Plan development. Sharon and her team work with your company to develop and implement an Indigenous Inclusion Program and RAP that best fits the company’s principles and end goal…

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Shelly McElroy (She/Her)

Shelly hails from Dublin and has been in Australia for over a decade.  Shelly has a Bachelor of Science in Media and Communications, specialising in television production. She also has a Diploma in Leadership and Management and is the Founder of Dream Culture. Shelly previously worked as the Training and Development advisor for the Merivale…

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Rachel Headshot

Rachel Mason (She/Her)

(Strengths: Gratitude, Fairness, Humour, Curiosity, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence) Originally from the UK Rachel is our creative of the group. With an extensive background in marketing in both the corporate and NFP sector. With a degree in design and communication, she works with Bambuddha members and partners to tell the stories of impact from…

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Jo Bowles (She/Her)

Jo Bowes started her career as a lawyer and risk and governance specialist who made money and reputations all over the world for financial powerhouses. Jo was a Macquarie Bank divisional director and a KPMG director, leading risk management support to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia following the Royal Banking Commission. Jo provides strategic, future-focused…

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Anna Sheppard

Anna Sheppard (She/They)

(Strengths: Bravery, Creativity, Humour, Kindness, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence) Anna Sheppard, Founder and CEO of Bambuddha Group strongly believes the power of Kindness is world-changing. With a deep commitment for creating equality based on her lived experience, Anna began Bambuddha Group to empower corporate leaders and their teams on how to ‘work kinder’. The team at…

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