Mariane Power (She/Her)

(Strengths: Zest, Curiosity, Love of Learning)

Mariane is unashamedly obsessed with all things related to human potential, and her work is driven by her big audacious goal to see all unnecessary emotional pain and suffering eliminated within her lifetime. With a history of research contributions and practical applications of fostering purpose and potential across the lifespan, Mariane co-founded The Posify Group with her sister and partner in possibilities, Jenna O’Connell. Together, they are working to support the growth of impact-driven organisations and foster compassionate and courageous leaders who can navigate their teams through change. Their organisational work helps to fund the delivery of their immersive career programs for youth that seek to close the gap between education and employment for the next generation.

A sought after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and executive coaching psychologist on behalf of The Posify Group, Mariane’s thought leadership dances between science and spirituality to address the human upgrade that is required for us to create solutions to today’s challenges. Mariane’s top strengths of zest and love of learning are reflected in her academic path, which boasts a Bachelor in Performance, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and more recently a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Mariane has over 15 years experience in consulting, facilitation and corporate training for personal and strategic growth. Her work as a Leadership Coaching Psychologist in the corporate world further fuels her understanding of the necessary skills for the 21st Century workplace, and she has a particular interest in supporting our next generation to thrive.

Outside of The Posify Group, Mariane is proud to have extended her personal purpose to support a number of not-for-profit and for-purpose initiatives including The Luminosity Summit and Project Gen Z, and she currently extends her expertise in positive youth development as an Impact Leader on the Board for Ambisie.