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Bambuddha Impact

Every journey of 1,000 miles begins with one empowered leader.

We Work Hard at
Working Kind.

The sustainable development projects we support and endorse are the reason Bambuddha Group exists. Our aim is to enrich as many lives as possible as an outcome of our mutual partnerships. We aim to inspire everyone we work with to get on board with the Bambuddha kindness journey and empower others to be the best they can be both here and around the globe. We activate our community to action by encouraging them to use their influence, introductions, and network to get things done.

In addition to the pay-it-forward scholarships we provide as a result of our in-house programs, we endeavor to support projects locally and internationally with the aim of closing the gap on inequality. You see, we believe education and decent work, and economic growth should be for all.

We collaborate with impact partners each year to support programs that meet the outcomes of our Theory of Change.

Below are some of the organisations we are currently working with who help us distribute scholarship allocations and with whom Bambuddha Group provides program support.


How Bambuddha Are You?

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