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Bambuddha Group is a social enterprise created to support dedicated learners who want to make an exceptional impact through leadership in business. We provide an evidence-based leadership framework that offers coaching and CSR programs.

We believe in future where every leader and business is committed to creating a sustainable world of equality and opportunity for everyone.

Bambuddha Group also offers a suite of Corporate Kindness Programs to help leaders and businesses move the dial on kindness to community, customer, people, and environment.

All our programs and projects align to the Bambuddha Group Mission, which is to reduce inequality in leadership and to support business alignment to the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Most importantly, we are a fun, upbeat bunch of human beings who celebrate life, the connections we make and the Game-Changing leaders we empower through our work.

Why Choose Bambuddha Group

  • Access to our professional development programs.
  • Opportunity to move the dial on social and environmental change
  • Collaborate with impactful leaders
  • Opportunity to contribute to the growth of one of the most progressive leadership development communities in the world
  • Skilled volunteering opportunity
  • We do things differently, we are optimistic, upbeat, and kind in our style and communication.

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