Charlie Winn (He/Him)

Charlie is a Leadership and Executive Coach.  He is a strengths-based coach with IECL & Leadership Circle Profile certified practitioner bringing a diverse background as a business owner and leader not only in agencies (20+ years) but also in technology, consulting, insurance, telecommunications, not-for-profit, engineering, and airlines.

Charlie is driven to make a difference, influencing people to understand that leadership is just as much about the people as it is about achieving.  This is best done by creating and sustaining a balance between the person, business (profit) and the planet in the wider system the leader is engaged in.

He has led in many different spaces in a variety of leadership models including business owner, global Director with a team of 20+, industry board member, program manager, head coach of a rugby club, co-coach of a rugby team, club president, business coach (EOS), leadership team coach (TDS certified) mentor, agile coach and consultant.

Charlie’s personal values are: making a difference, sustainability, creating leaders, people first and continuous learning.