young Australians

Investing In Our Youth: 3 Ways To Champion Working Young Australians

Young Australians are being left in the lurch. 1 in 3 young Australian’s are unemployed or underemployed, and in 2020 the youth unemployment rate has soared to 16.1%. But knowledge has the power to change the lives of young people across Australia, and see these stats turn around. How? By teaching young people how to…

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Diversity: When Everyone Is Different, We All Belong

The value of belonging is essential to all people and organisations that want to thrive. And having a diverse team, full of differences that make an organisation’s outputs stronger, can’t be achieved without a sense of belonging. This is not just about including people at the table, but amplifying everyone’s voices, appreciating everyone for their…

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How I Stay Balanced – Life with Type 1 Diabetes

This National Diabetes Week, our Marketing Manager at Bambuddha, Rachel, shares a glimpse into her life with Type 1 diabetes.  Having been diagnosed at age 12 – now aged 32 – it has been nearly 20 years of living with Type 1. It’s become something she can’t imagine living without. “Besides the daily grapples of…

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Welcome to Blooms The Chemist

The Game Changers Gathering is the second annual leadership conference for Bambuddha members, community and partners. We have packed the day with inspiration, evaluation, education, collaboration and of course our favourite…CELEBRATION Our community is growing not just here in NSW, also in other regions of Australia and the world. It is only due to the…

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Tom Dawkins

Bambuddha Boost EP37 – Tom Dawkins

You have never had a better opportunity to share your story, inspire people with your vision and build a tribe of customers, collaborators and supporters. But there’s a lot of other people out there vying for attention. How do you breakthrough and inspire a community with your message? 3 take-aways: The 5 key elements to…

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Pat Armistead

Bambuddha Boost EP35- Pat Armitstead

You can’t lift your bottom line if your people are down Humanity is sitting in universal grief. We cannot bypass this pain. In order to heal it, we have to feel it. It’s going to take all of us to come together like never before. I believe the greatest gift we can give another right…

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Doreen Brown

Bambuddha Boost EP34 – Doreen Brown

The Boost Topic is E-A-T SEO. E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Key takeaways: It’s important for website and business owners to understand what Search Engines, like Google, looks for in a web page and how this can help their SEO efforts. Expertise Google is looking for content created by an expert who has…

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Stacey Copas

Bambuddha Boost EP33 – Stacey Copas

How To Be Resilient and Embrace Uncertainty In this session attendees with learn tips to allow them to be fulfilled and successful in embracing the increasingly uncertain and changing world, both in business and life. Three key takeaways people will leave with: • Inspiration for attendees and help them to put challenges into perspective •…

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Tracey Sofra

Bambuddha Boost EP31 – Tracey Sofra

Money Mastery  Everything in life is a “mind game” and money is no different. Through discovering your money stories and uncovering your money history you will be empowered to change how you see money forever. Three key takeaways people will leave with: Unpack your financial blueprint Discover your adult values It’s not what you make,…

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Shelly Headshot

Bambuddha Boost EP30 – Shelly McElroy

High Performing Teams and the key necessities to ensuring you lead your teams to success. Three key takeaways people will leave with: -Review how can I be a high performing leader -A tool to review and address their gaps -Giving them an area to focus on when returning to the new norm Shelly previously worked…

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Leanne Headshot

Bambuddha Boost EP29 – Leanne Warner

Leanne believes that positive, strength-based approaches to building leadership capability in organisations can improve business outcomes and success. As an inspiring and very experienced leader and facilitator, she enjoys the challenge of working in complex environments, where she is passionate about developing people, teams and organisations. Leanne has led some of Australia’s leading charities, as…

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Les Moore

Bambuddha Boost EP28 – Lez Moore

The impact on us as a society as a result of COVID19 will continue for years to come. We are now in the middle of the biggest state of global disruption seen in 100 years. As leaders, we need to rise above the noise and Lead our followers into a new world full of uncertainty…

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Sofia T

Bambuddha Boost EP27 – Sophia Tremenheere

Women in Leadership: The Secret to Success In today’s modern society, we are taught that we need to hustle in order to build a successful business or career. The problem is that this may come at the expense of our wellness. Struggling to find balance, stressed and burnt out. Sound familiar? And this is not…

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Jeremy Carter

Bambuddha Boost EP26 – Jeremy Carter

Ever wondered what sets high-performance teams apart from the rest? In this session, we cover the key elements required to build a high-performance team. Hint: It’s not about the players on the team that makes the team special. Three key takeaways people will leave with: The secret that truly unlocks synergy in a team The…

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Tegan Davies

Bambuddha Boost EP25 – Tegan Davies

A contagion worth spreading: the power of positive emotions 3 key takeaways for people attending: Learn how emotions are contagious Understand the benefit of positive emotions Practical ways to cultivate and spread positive emotions Tegan is a self-professed wellness geek. As the General Manager of The Oranges Toolkit, she works with organisations to help their staff…

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Luli Adeyemo

Bambuddha Boost EP24 – Luli Adeyemo

Creating virtual content for real people Now that meetings are taking place online rather than face to face it’s important that people who host online meetings create content that engages and eliminates ‘taking head’ fatigue. Luli has run many webinars on behalf of her clients and there are simple tweaks that can be made in…

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Warwick Merry

Bambuddha Boost EP23 – Warwick Merry

How to Present Powerfully Online Key environmental factors you need to better engage online Key behavioural factors you need to better engage online Some easy to implement ideas to help you have more influence when you attend or host an online event REGARDLESS OF THE TECHNOLOGY YOU USE! Warwick Merry is a Certified Speaking Professional…

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