Why it is important to amplify YOUR story

  (Image from left to right, Amplify participants 2021, Jason Wong, Erkmen Sevaskan, Yaser Naseri and Louise Barrett) Amplify (transitive verb): 1 – to expand (something, such as a statement) by the use of detail or illustration or by closer analysis 2 – a) to make larger or greater (as in amount, importance, or intensity)…

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Board Vacancies

Bambuddha Board Role Vacancies

Are you looking for a purpose driven board role? By the end of 2021 we are establishing a new board to help us scale our commercialisation and impact as an enterprise. We are looking for skilled, purposeful, and qualified board members to ensure we have excellent governance and expertise to guide the next stages of…

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Mental Health Resources

We have compiled a pdf with links to some things we hope will help provide some support to our community. These include resources for mental health and self care, creating workplace mental health strategies, managing work-related stress, plus some training programs for managers and employers. Access the PDF here. A big thank you to SafeWork…

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Kindness Crew

Why is Kindness important in Business?

  Firstly, let’s unpack the meaning of kindness. The Collins English Dictionary defines kindness as ‘the quality of being gentle, caring, and helpful’, Wikipedia describes kindness as a ‘type of behaviour marked by acts of generosity, consideration, or concern for others, without expecting praise or reward’. Some other, oft-used synonyms include altruism, decency, hospitality, humanity,…

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Corporate Kindness Awards

Corporate Kindness Awards – Nominations now open!

What is the Corporate Kindness Awards? This one-day conference and awards ceremony will be held on Saturday 3rd July at Lendlease in Barangaroo, Sydney. The day will feature 20+ keynote SPEAKERS, hundreds of KIND leaders, LEADERSHIP NETWORKING and KINDNESS awards. This is not only an awards ceremony but a full day conference of learning, networking…

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Beyond the Buzz; Companies Are Addressing Their Sustainability Impact And So Should You

  Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword brands and organisations like to brandish about. There are very real companies out there making world-changing sustainability strategies. They’re driven by investors and consumers expectations for positive impact, accelerating the financial imperative for action. But if we turn our attention very quickly to digital media, words like ‘sustainability’, interestingly,…

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Are Your Employee’s Getting Enough Sleep And Why Should You Care?

‘Are Your Employee’s Getting Enough Sleep And Why Should You Care?’ was originally published on The HR Dept.   According to a new study by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, 2020 is the most stressful year in recorded history. The research indicates that up to 70% of the global workforce have reported increased levels of stress…

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high performance

Building High Performance Teams: Behind The Scenes

Leading Teams empower high-performing teams and leaders by facilitating cultural change. This is the first thing you read on their website. From Flight Center to the Sydney Swans, Leading Teams pursue performance excellence in organisations, through team development, goal-setting, shared leadership and open communication. So how does Leading Teams embed these skills and values into…

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EP12: Oscar Trimboli on Listening and Leadership

  Author, host of the Apple award-winning podcast Deep Listening, and a sought after keynote speaker, Oscar Trimboli has spent his professional career dedicated to the empowerment of better listening.  His work in leadership teams from around the world has focused greater attention on building and fixing organisations to make impact , creating powerful legacies…

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corporate kindness

The Sydney Brewery Committing To Corporate Kindness

  Young Henrys is a Sydney born and bred brew-beer company. United by the values of music, art, culture and community (and good beer), Young Henrys attracts passionate and grassroots-minded young people as it’s core drinking demographic.  Our Bambuddha member, Oscar Mcmahon, is one of the founders of Young Henrys. A commitment to giving back…

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EP10: Jo O’Brien On Kindness In Early Education

Working hard to embed the philosophies of kindness and empathy into early education, Jo really embodies what it means to be purpose-driven in every aspect of leadership. Jo is the Director and Owner of Platinum Pre School, a long daycare centre with an education curriculum that focuses on kindness and creativity – a unique premise…

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Why A Fair, Resilient And Regenerative Future Is Purpose-Driven

Reposted with permission by Dimity Podger of Barasa Consulting Group ~ In the last financial crisis, certified B Corps (businesses guided to deliver social and environmental outcomes and conscious culture) were found to be 63% more likely to survive the down turn than other businesses of a similar size. In the above article, Kassoy states…

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EP8: Pamela Bishop on Corporate Social Responsibility

  As the founder of her company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and a champion of kinder workplace cultures, Pamela Bishop fits the bill of a game-changing leader to a tee. Currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Blooms the Chemist, I chat to Pamela about driving sustainability, leading with purpose and the importance of ethical and…

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B.A.M Coaching – The Leadership Upgrade

When the world shut down to a virus at the start of the year, a significant number of people turned up the dial on a necessary human upgrade. New kinds of communities evolved. Sporting and performance enthusiasts took to the rooftops to ignite joy through movement, and everyday heroes channelled their inner child to scale…

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EP7: Ralph Kelly on Starting With Kindness

Kindness is the underlying value to counteracting negative behaviours such as bullying, violence and anti-social activities. On the podcast I chat to Ralph Kelly, founder of the Stay Kind Foundation (formerly the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation), on the power of being kind and the life or death outcomes it can have on so many. Ralph…

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