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Introducing the Bambuddha Impact Index – Powered by Kindness

A decade-long endeavor shaped by collaboration with leading universities, professors, and thought leaders worldwide. Our partnership with esteemed institutions has produced a comprehensive index spanning social, economic, environmental, and performance domains, aiding organisations in leveraging human potential while mitigating risks.

This index provides invaluable insights into the nexus between ESG practices and financial performance, empowering decision-makers on how to align with sustainable principles while gaining clarity on the business case for sustainability initiatives and the correlation between revenue growth, and risk mitigation.

By pinpointing opportunities for differentiation and competitive advantage, the Bambuddha Impact Index guides organisations toward sustainable success.

Thank you to Macquarie University and UNSW, along with industry leaders like Huber Social, Carbon Halo, Select Wellness, The 6AM Agency, and many other subject matter experts including Rebecca Dean, Pamela Bishop, Prof Debbie Haski Leventhal, Simon Popley, Amy Whalley, Jeremy Mah, Georgia Denny and Jo Bowles who have all contributed along the way to work with Bambuddha to create something truly transformative.

Together, we’re redefining success by empowering the people who drive change. The Bambuddha Impact Index isn’t just about metrics; it’s about fostering a culture of compassion, sustainability, and the positive change that can be created through responsible leadership and truly engaged organisations.

Stay tuned for the launch party invite coming soon.

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