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The Corporate Kindess Project


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This white paper is a collaborative project proudly bought to you by :

We aim for this study to encourage social and environmental innovation as part of business development and sustainability. In this first paper we investigated two areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

  • The relationship between kindness and business performance.
  • How Australian companies are reporting on and analysing their CSR initiatives to ensure maximum impact.
  • Featuring case studies from various kind companies:

Anna Sheppard, Founder & CEO at Bambuddha Group

Who Are We…


Bambuddha Group is a social enterprise that works with leaders who are dedicated to Working Hard (Bam) and Working Kind (Buddha).

We are the only organisation in Australia offering a network approach to sustainable leadership development. Not only do we objectively help clients understand and validate their impact challenges and opportunities via the events, workshops and programs developed by our expert network of delivery partners.

Our membership options empower leaders to educate, inspire, evaluate and collaborate with the outcome of becoming the champions of the change they want to see in the world.

We Unlock Business Leadership Potential By Making The World A Better Place, Put Simply It Is About Working Hard And Working Kind