Leadership Literacy Program


Embark on a transformative 6-month journey towards responsible leadership with our ESG Leadership Literacy Program.

Tailored workshops, monthly team expert sessions, and 1-1 coaching empower senior leaders with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) stewardship skills that integrate into your strategic objectives. Key topics include modern slavery, environmental responsibility, DEI and reconciliation action planning, purpose driven culture and authentic communications. With an online learning dashboard and practical outcomes focus, participants emerge as proficient leaders and catalysts for positive change. Join us to navigate the complexities of ESG leadership, foster inclusivity, and drive impactful results in your organisation.

Who is this for?

Leaders and organisations looking too build internal knowledge, skills, literacy and accountability in the implementation of ESG objectives across all business functions, this program is best suited to organisations that have already built a commitment to grow their impact and measurement and are governed by purpose driven and responsible leaders.

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