Let’s talk about Chris…

As a child Chris O’Brien had a natural talent in art, he was often out in the forest drawing nature. However, in his teenage years Chris’ ADHD that had challenged him all his life had become overwhelming, and he ended up finding himself in trouble with the law. It was time in prison that Chris remembered he had a natural talent for art, inspired by other inmate artists Chris found his love of painting in acrylics. Art gave Chris direction in his life and his goal upon leaving prison was to fund and collect materials to continue his creative journey. This has been achieved through employment at Mates on the Move which has led to Bambuddha Group creating the opportunity for Chris’ first exhibition of his wonderful pieces of art.

Come along Thursday 16th February to our Ask Anything event at The Working Kind Collective in Stanmore, at which Chris will be exhibiting.

You can get your ticket here.

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