How I Stay Balanced – Life with Type 1 Diabetes

This National Diabetes Week, our Marketing Manager at Bambuddha, Rachel, shares a glimpse into her life with Type 1 diabetes.  Having been diagnosed at age 12 – now aged 32 – it has been nearly 20 years of living with Type 1. It’s become something she can’t imagine living without. “Besides the daily grapples of…

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Shelly Headshot

Bambuddha Boost EP30 – Shelly McElroy

High Performing Teams and the key necessities to ensuring you lead your teams to success. Three key takeaways people will leave with: -Review how can I be a high performing leader -A tool to review and address their gaps -Giving them an area to focus on when returning to the new norm Shelly previously worked…

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Tegan Davies

Bambuddha Boost EP25 – Tegan Davies

A contagion worth spreading: the power of positive emotions 3 key takeaways for people attending: Learn how emotions are contagious Understand the benefit of positive emotions Practical ways to cultivate and spread positive emotions Tegan is a self-professed wellness geek. As the General Manager of The Oranges Toolkit, she works with organisations to help their staff…

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The Bambuddha Group Leadership Lab has a new captain!

We have an exciting announcement at Bambuddha Group: We are very proud to welcome Mariane Power as our new Programs Director. Heading up the soon to be launched Bambuddha Leadership Lab. Mariane will be working with the team, partners and members to design the next steps in our leadership research, learning and coaching program development….

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Esther Colman

Bambuddha Boost EP18- Esther Colman

Engage your resilience CORE 3 key takeaways Understand 5 key elements of well-being and happiness Engage your resilience CORE – look at your perceptions of Control, Ownership, Reach and Endurance when faced with adversity How to get into a peak state to maintain a positive mindset Hosted by Bambuddha Group Founder & CEO, Anna Sheppard

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Beaumont People Trail 4 Day Work Week

96% of Australians value happiness and better conditions over money. We are so stoked for our ‘Partners in Kindness’ Beaumont People on their trial of a 4-day work week! Happier & healthier employees, improved employee engagement and improved productivity levels, anyone? #workingkind Read about it here: The Beaumont purpose is to connect people to organisations that empower…

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