How I Stay Balanced – Life with Type 1 Diabetes


This National Diabetes Week, our Marketing Manager at Bambuddha, Rachel, shares a glimpse into her life with Type 1 diabetes.  Having been diagnosed at age 12 – now aged 32 – it has been nearly 20 years of living with Type 1. It’s become something she can’t imagine living without.

“Besides the daily grapples of diabetes, such as it being with me 24/7, the highs- and the lows (literally), having to inject or wear an insulin pump, carrying my kit or lollies everywhere, anxiety about future complications etc, life with diabetes has definitely bought about resilience in my life and a can-do attitude. I pride myself on not letting it hold me back in any shape or form”.

Heads Up On Diabetes

The focus for this year’s National Diabetes Week is a ‘Heads Up On Diabetes’ awareness campaign. This campaign is intended to call to attention the impact diabetes has on Mental Health – the related distress, anxiety and burnout. An invisible disability, Rachel says she feels diabetes can be very much “out of sight, out of mind”.

Something that has helped Rachel with her diabetes journey is yoga. Keen to share her transformative the practice of yoga can be, Rachel is offering a FREE yoga class through Yogarama Coogee, to anyone who has a type of Diabetes or the loved ones of diabetics. It will be online on Saturday 18th July at 7:30 – 8:45 am. This yoga class is open to any levels – and is a slower type of yoga with some guided meditation. Yoga is great for improving circulation, helping to manage blood sugar levels, easing tension, managing mental attitude and (most importantly) it makes you feel GOOD!

Know someone who would be interested? Share this link and email [email protected] to book your spot!


Rachel’s Top Tips for balancing Diabetes with a positive outlook:

  • Gentle daily exercise, this could even be 5 minutes of gentle morning stretching.
  • Practising gratitude, this may be one thing you are grateful for in the morning or at night. Or, why not both!
  • Not beating yourself up if you have an ‘off day’ or eat something you may not have planned too –  so being kind and forgiving to yourself.
  • Listening to your intuition – if you need to rest, or some time out, it’s important to do so, and not apologise for it.
  • Talking about your diabetes – to friends, family, coworkers. For a long time, Rachel said she tried to hide it, finding it awkward to bring up. Now, she has realised this is counterproductive and instead chooses to share her story to foster a more positive mindset.

“I truly encourage you to open up a conversation with someone if you know they have diabetes, or even a loved one supporting them, and check in to see how they are doing.”

Rachel says she is so lucky to have such a supportive work environment and team.

“Bambuddha has offered flexible working and support which has truly helped to support my wellbeing”.

If there is anyone struggling with their Diabetes, or would like to try yoga but feeling nervous, or even if they just want to connect! Please do reach out to Rachel at [email protected].

Stay up to date with Rachel on Instagram @rachelheathermason.

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