Tegan Davies
Corporate Kindness Collection

Bambuddha Boost EP25 – Tegan Davies

A contagion worth spreading: the power of positive emotions

3 key takeaways for people attending:

  1. Learn how emotions are contagious
  2. Understand the benefit of positive emotions
  3. Practical ways to cultivate and spread positive emotions

Tegan is a self-professed wellness geek. As the General Manager of The Oranges Toolkit, she works with organisations to help their staff embrace change and be more resilient, agile and innovative in their thinking, so they can perform at their best.

Tegan has worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 12 years, previously heading up Learning, Development and Culture at Camp Quality, Australia’s leading childhood cancer charity. She is also a Board Member at Action for Happiness Australia, a business coach and qualified yoga teacher. Outside of work you can find her trekking around Melbourne or by a campfire with friends.

Hosted by Bambudda Founder & CEO Anna Sheppard.

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