young Australians

Investing In Our Youth: 3 Ways To Champion Working Young Australians

Young Australians are being left in the lurch. 1 in 3 young Australian’s are unemployed or underemployed, and the youth unemployment rate has soared to 16.1%. But knowledge has the power to change the lives of young people across Australia, and see these stats turn around. How? By teaching young people how to be employable…

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Diversity: When Everyone Is Different, We All Belong

The value of belonging is essential to all people and organisations that want to thrive. And having a diverse team, full of differences that make an organisation’s outputs stronger, can’t be achieved without a sense of belonging. This is not just about including people at the table, but amplifying everyone’s voices, appreciating everyone for their…

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Do you have what it takes to be a kindness coach?

Bambuddha Director of Programs Mariane Power shares what being a Bambuddha 2020 Coach could mean for you in this video. Well, this agile, aware, curious, compassionate, creative bunch will have a few things in common, like having: A history of kind and sustainable life/work practices A track record of being intrinsically motivated, life long learners…

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Welcome to Blooms The Chemist

The Game Changers Gathering is the second annual leadership conference for Bambuddha members, community and partners. We have packed the day with inspiration, evaluation, education, collaboration and of course our favourite…CELEBRATION Our community is growing not just here in NSW, also in other regions of Australia and the world. It is only due to the…

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Pat Armistead

Bambuddha Boost EP35- Pat Armitstead

You can’t lift your bottom line if your people are down Humanity is sitting in universal grief. We cannot bypass this pain. In order to heal it, we have to feel it. It’s going to take all of us to come together like never before. I believe the greatest gift we can give another right…

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Leanne Headshot

Bambuddha Boost EP29 – Leanne Warner

Leanne believes that positive, strength-based approaches to building leadership capability in organisations can improve business outcomes and success. As an inspiring and very experienced leader and facilitator, she enjoys the challenge of working in complex environments, where she is passionate about developing people, teams and organisations. Leanne has led some of Australia’s leading charities, as…

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Sofia T

Bambuddha Boost EP27 – Sophia Tremenheere

Women in Leadership: The Secret to Success In today’s modern society, we are taught that we need to hustle in order to build a successful business or career. The problem is that this may come at the expense of our wellness. Struggling to find balance, stressed and burnt out. Sound familiar? And this is not…

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The Bambuddha Group Leadership Lab has a new captain!

We have an exciting announcement at Bambuddha Group: We are very proud to welcome Mariane Power as our new Programs Director. Heading up the soon to be launched Bambuddha Leadership Lab. Mariane will be working with the team, partners and members to design the next steps in our leadership research, learning and coaching program development….

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Dan Diamond

Bambuddha Boost EP12- Dan Diamond

Strong Together When We’re Apart: The Power of Mindset During Disasters Over 35 years of international disaster experience has taught Dr. Diamond how to get work done in high-pressure situations. If you’re feeling the pressure of the coronavirus outbreak, he’s got some rock-solid advice for you to help you keep your head in the game…

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