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Bambuddha Boost EP27 – Sophia Tremenheere

Women in Leadership: The Secret to Success

In today’s modern society, we are taught that we need to hustle in order to build a successful business or career. The problem is that this may come at the expense of our wellness.

Struggling to find balance, stressed and burnt out. Sound familiar?

And this is not even taking into consideration that, as women, we have to deal with our hormones and periods.

In fact, despite 80% of women suffering from PMS, many of us are too afraid to take a day off in case this is seen as a sign of weakness.

So, how do you thrive rather than just survive as a woman leader?

Discover the magic of your menstrual cycle so you can optimise your productivity, energy and power.

3 Key Takeaways For People Attending:

Discover why your menstrual cycle is the key missing key in women’s leadership.
Learn how to embrace your feminine energy so we can use it as a superpower rather than a burden.
Easy-to-implement tools to support you in prioritising your wellness as you build your empire or career.

Hosted by Bambudda Founder & CEO Anna Sheppard.

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