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Bambuddha Group presents LGBTIAQ+ – Ask anything

Thursday February 16th, 2023
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Stanmore NSW

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Join us on Thursday 16th February for our event in homage of World Pride and in collaboration with Kings of Joy. This event will include a panel and a safe, informative space for people to ask anything they want to, with the opportunity to learn more about the LGBTIQA+ and for those that care about allyship.

Ask any questions in advance to our amazing panel who are willing to answer anything. No topic is off the cards and everyone is welcome. Hosted by Danica Lane, Founder of Kings of Joy.

Our panelists joining us:

🌈Danica Lani – Kings of Joy

🌈 Shaon Gray – Winangar Guru
🌈Steph Sands – Capgemini
🌈Jeremy Mah – Macquarie University
🌈Abbey Pantano – Seed Spaces
🌈 Nicholas Steepe – Out for Australia

Every one is welcome and we are raising money to support our LGBTQIA+ friends living in Block 13, Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. You can find out more here. Why not bring your team? This feel good event will leave you and your team all warm and fuzzy as you connect with amazing humans!

The event will take place on Thursday 16th February 2023 at 6:00 – 9:00 pm at The Working Kind Collective in Stanmore.

There are limited spaces, so be quick as we know this is going to be a popular one.


Malaika Mfalme

Malaika Mfalme {Angel King} is a non-binary singer, songwriter, guitarist, and event producer creating on Gadigal Land. Malaika writes immersive and evoking music that focuses on black love, self-acceptance, grief, and the journey of being loved and sometimes lost. Malaika is here to create a safe space focused on healing with a powerful message of kindness, acceptance, and reflection that vibrates through every one of their sonic outputs. Mfalmes ink stained fingers play sweet melodic guitar alongside strikingly smooth vocals layered with a looping pedal; reminding you their name is Angel for a reason.

Malaika Mfalme


Kings of Joy

Kings of Joy is a community initiative that gives first-time Drag Kings the opportunity to perform in drag and lean into the masculine in a supported, group environment. The values that Kings of Joy uphold are joy, fun, inclusivity, anti-racism, non-toxic masculinity, a celebration of all gender expressions, and what’s possible when we encourage and support each other.

Kings of Joy is the brainchild of Danica Lani and was born out of her spouse, Chris McAllister’s performance event for trans and gender-diverse artists, Queers of Joy. Danica and Chris met in a Drag King group and both experienced first-hand the fun, friendship, and sheer elation of performing on stage with a Drag King crew. They wanted to give this experience away to other people in the queer community.

Since then the Kings of Joy Gold Stars program has developed into a full 6-week program. Each participant is a first-time Drag King and many have never performed on stage before. Together, they go from zero to hero to invent a Drag King name, backstory, persona, costume, and makeup, and perform together in a group. This process has taken individual Drag Kings 3+ years to do by themselves.

After community consultation, the Kings of Joy Pay It Forward program was implemented to keep Kings of Joy Gold Stars barrier-free for all members of the queer community and to create a sustainable model for continuing the program

To date (19/11/22), Danica has facilitated 14 Kings of Joy groups (including the All-Stars and a group done online from Melbourne) and mentored and produced  64 brand-new, first-time Drag Kings.



















Every ticket purchase supports Free Block 13; a community dedicated to freeing the LGBTQIA+ members of Kakuma Refugee Camp, who live in extremely difficult circumstances, under constant threat of violence. You can read more about them here…


Thank you to the sponsors of this event:

The Working Kind Collective

Young Henrys

Kings of Joy

Stories that Stir

VA Media

Food by Jamaican Delight

Thank you to all the businesses that have supported us over the last 12 months, and thank you to our key ongoing sponsors.



Thursday February 16th, 2023
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Bambuddha Group Office, Level 1/106-110 Parramatta Rd, Stanmore NSW, 2048

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