Why it is important to amplify YOUR story

Amplify (transitive verb):

1 – to expand (something, such as a statement) by the use of detail or illustration or by closer analysis

2 – a) to make larger or greater (as in amount, importance, or intensity) : INCREASE

      b) to increase the strength or amount of, especially : to make louder

Everyone has their own unique story; I think most would agree with that.  What most don’t realise is that everyone’s unique story is worth sharing with others; worth telling to as wide an audience as possible; everyone’s story is worth AMPLIFYING.

I have always been fascinated by people.  I was the kind of person that, when invited to a party, I wasn’t overly concerned that none (or few) of my friends were going; as parties were always a great chance to meet new and interesting people.  Now, granted, I didn’t ‘click’ with everyone I met at a party and some were definitely more interesting than others; but every single person I’ve met has been interesting in some way.  When someone tells you their story you get to hear a different version of how you both came to be in the same place.  8 billion people in the world and the two of you have the opportunity to wonder at the serendipity of two very different journeys.  And the more stories you hear, the more perspectives you hear of how people have succeeded, how they have failed, how they have found joy and how they have dealt with life’s challenges.  New stories are filled with new ideas; and new ideas are at the heart of innovation.  Telling your story is good for the creativity and innovation of all who hear it because it is a form of innovation itself.

“When people hear stories all their senses are engaged. Facts and data are easier to retain when presented in story form. Stories also create connections between people in a way that can motivate us to act. When trying to change people’s behaviours around innovation, using stories can be a powerful way to inspire confidence.” (1)

We read, view and hear stories in all parts of our lives.  Not just via the multitude of entertainment channels (or should that be ‘streams’?) that tussle for our month-to-month dollar but also via the information that is presented to us as news and education.  Art galleries and museums are no longer about objects behind glass cases but curators are now storytellers and the objects & artworks are connected & woven together to embed understanding into us.  News is not just a statement of facts that occurred, but is constructed as a narrative with emotion and language that appeals to us via our preferred news ‘storyteller’.  Our challenge is to ensure that we listen to a range of ‘narrators’ so that our view of the events happening in our world is balanced, multi-faceted and allows us to step out of our echo chambers. In the same way, hearing someone else’s story gives us insight into something we didn’t know before, some aspect of the world which we’d never experienced or a different way of looking at something we’re already familiar with.  Telling your story enables others to make sense of the world and appreciate its complexity.

“We work at understanding events and people by constructing stories to interpret what is occurring around us. In turn, these stories create our views of the world and the lens through which we construct meaning about ourselves and others.” (2)

When you start to think about the story you want to tell, you reflect on your triumphs, moments of happiness and events that you would consider turning points.  You think about your influences, the decisions you made and the values that drove those decisions.  You recall the obstacles you’ve overcome and significantly, the strengths you used to overcome those obstacles.  The act of writing the story that you want to tell allows you to tap deeper into your potential and ultimately your purpose; if not for your whole life, at least your purpose for the current moment.  Telling your story empowers you on your journey of self-discovery and enables you to have a greater impact on your areas of focus.

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment” (Lao Tzu)

I spent my first 40 years thinking that my story was not interesting enough for people to hear.  Thankfully some people came into my life who wanted to hear my story and encouraged me to tell it.  Putting myself ‘out there’ has allowed me to grow as a person, discover my purpose and have a tremendous positive impact on the circles and communities of which I am a part.  I will continue to amplify my story, as part of my own self-growth but also because of the benefits to others that might arise. I’m excited about what the next chapters will reveal.

I’d also encourage you to:

  1. reflect on your story so far,
  2. refine your sense of purpose and
  3. raise the volume of your voice so it’s heard near and far!

….and if you need someone to guide you, I might just be able to point you in the right direction 😀

Jason is one of the participants for 2021 Amplify Project, along with Erkmen Sevaskan, Yaser Naseri and Louise Barrett.

In collaboration with many partners, this group has been going through a 1-month program to deep dive into their purpose as leaders and then working to build an authentic keynote to amplify their message and voice, performed live at the end of the program.

On Saturday 20th November you can join LIVE to watch the culmination of these amazing people’s hard work. Ticket proceeds will be donated to a charity supporting reduced inequalities chosen by the program’s participants.

Unwind after your day out and get inspired for your night out! This is your opportunity to invite as many of your friends, family and colleagues to hear you speak; this will also be recorded for you to keep to continue to amplify your impact.

Show your support and get your tickets HERE.

A big shout out to awesome program facilitators Amie Morris, Director & Head of Media at Bondi Radio and Rebecca Tapp, CEO of Future Crunch for their time, passion and commitment to supporting leaders in finding and voicing their purpose.


And support facilitators: Mariane Power, Co-founding Director at The Posify Group and Anna Sheppard, Founder & CEO of Bambuddha Group.

Bio: Jason currently works as the Programs Manager at Bambuddha Group, is a member of the Bambuddha Programs Committee and is also one of our kind leadership coaches.  He also runs his own technology strategy & leadership consultancy and spends a good deal of his ‘free’ time leading the P&C at his children’s school.

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( 1.)  How Storytelling can help build an innovation culture, Tendayi Viki, Forbes

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(Image from left to right, Amplify participants 2021, Jason Wong, Erkmen Sevaskan, Yaser Naseri and Louise Barrett)

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