Introducing The Bambuddha Podcast, Project Good Boss!

You know our story, so it’s time to hear theirs. 

Project Good Boss is the business podcast that reminds you the world can be a good place – full of good, hard-working, game-changing people. 

Each episode is hosted by Anna Sheppard, and guested by some of the greatest thinkers and doers the positive impact space has to offer. We also call these people our friends. 

Follow Project Good Boss as we deconstruct the minds, mantras, practices and hobbies of world-class business-people, discussing everything from positive psychology, ethical code, leadership, equality, social impact and the nuance between stage-presence and true self. The takeaway will always include positive and practical tactics and routines you can adopt into your own business or personal lives. 

Most of all, this podcast exists to remind listeners that business can be kinder, and bosses ‘gooder’. And if we haven’t said it enough, you can now hear other brilliant people sharing the same message. A business should be kinder because it directly impacts your bottom line. Your business is your people. And if your people feel valued, if they feel heard, if they feel seen, then they will do more, they will produce more, they will be more apt at promoting the business. Kindness is a game-changer. And it’s important that business owners, leaders and executives understand that the business really is the people. Kindness is not a fluff word, it’s a business strategy that produces results: fiscal, emotional, reputational – the lot. 

So thank you for tuning into Project Good Boss! We release episodes weekly and we thank you for your ears and your downloads. All our episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or here on our dedicated podcast page

If you’d like to learn more about Bambuddha Group, our website is your playground. If you’d like to learn more about Anna Sheppard, you can find her profile here or you can visit her LinkedIn page here. Anna enjoys fruity wines, hot chips and writing “About” pages in the third person. 

Blog by Izzy Dugan, Bambuddha Group Digital Storyteller 

project good boss

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