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Bambuddha Boost EP36 – Prof Debbie Haski-Leventhal, MA, PhD

Discovering your Individual and Organisational Purpose: Unleashing a Sense of Meaningfulness

In an era where purpose is all the rage, people, particularly young ones, are looking for a sense of purpose. With ideas such as starting with why, employees and organisations are also struggling to communicate a clear purpose. In this talk, Prof Debbie Haski-Leventhal will discuss what we mean by purpose, what unique impact purpose is, and how to define your purpose. She will talk about living a purposeful life, creating a sense of meaningfulness for ourselves and others, and leading organisations with a strong and well-defined purpose.

Three key takeaways:

– An understanding of what purpose could mean for myself and for my organisation
– Implementing ideas to live a purposeful and meaningful life
– Becoming a purpose generator

Debbie Haski-Leventhal is a Professor of Management at Macquarie Business School and an expert on corporate social responsibility (CSR), responsible management education (RME) and volunteerism. She has published over 60 academic papers on CSR, RME, volunteering and social entrepreneurship and her work was covered many times by the media, including the New York Times and Financial Review. She is the author of ‘Strategic CSR: Tools and Theories for Responsible Management’ (SAGE) and the upcoming books, the purpose-driven university (Emerald) and CSR and Employee Engagement (SAGE). Debbie is a TED speaker and a public speaker on purpose, social responsibility and the future of higher education.

Hosted by Bambudda Founder & CEO Anna Sheppard.

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