Luli Adeyemo
Corporate Kindness Collection

Bambuddha Boost EP24 – Luli Adeyemo

Creating virtual content for real people

Now that meetings are taking place online rather than face to face it’s important that people who host online meetings create content that engages and eliminates ‘taking head’ fatigue. Luli has run many webinars on behalf of her clients and there are simple tweaks that can be made in the planning phase and physical delivery of an online meeting that reduces duration, achieves high engagement and keeps audiences coming back for more.

3 key takeaways people will leave with:

*Useful tools such as Prezi software enabling human connection and a better experience.
*Simple Techniques in the planning and delivery stage that can increase engagement
*Attend and Access a copy of our Five Point Check List for engaging online meetings

Hosted by Bambudda Founder & CEO Anna Sheppard.

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