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Bambuddha Boost EP16- Dr. Dimity Podger

Reconnect to Meaning and Purpose in Your Team Culture

People are drawn to creating meaning and purpose in their lives, and even more so during a time of crisis. We know that when our work is meaningful, and resonates with our purpose and values, we experience higher levels of wellbeing, satisfaction, fulfilment and engagement. Right now, your team has likely experienced a drop in both meaning and purpose, and engagement. Dr Dimity Podger from Barasa, has been working with teams and organisations for nearly 20 years to define their purpose and values, and activate them every day. In this webinar she will share with you prime levers for your team culture that will move people from being disheartened and disengaged, to engaged, active, and motivated.

3 key takeaways people will leave with include practices that;

· Reconnect you and your team to meaning and purpose in your work

· Bring gratitude and acknowledgement into your team culture

· Reconnect you and your team to your core values.

Hosted by Bambuddha Founder & CEO Anna Sheppard


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