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We are proud to collaborate with the Centre for Inclusive Design (CFID) to deliver our Customised Inclusive Design program. Through workshops, training, and advisory services, our partnership empowers organizations to create more inclusive workplaces.

Participants engage in hands-on workshops, benefiting from CFID’s expertise in Inclusive Design principles.

Sensory mapping and culture assessments provide valuable insights, while training sessions address biases and promote diversity. With CFID’s support, we guide organizations in fostering inclusive cultures and driving positive change. Together, we are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion, helping organizations create environments where everyone can thrive.

Who is this for?

Inclusive Design brings together the disciplines of culture, bias, design thinking and technology. It is adaptive to both technology and culture, often unanimously.

For leaders within organisations, the key part of the methodology is that of systems thinking – the ability to look at complex problems and solve them in ways that are flexible and nimble.


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