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In a time where a social licence to operate is more important than ever before, we wanted to support the sector by researching 100 companies working towards sustainability here in Australia to showcase the benefits of working in a kind and sustainable way. The study will provide a model and methodology for Corporate Kindness. Our findings on this project will be displayed through a series of themed White Papers. The outcomes of the study will encourage social and environmental innovation as part of business development and sustainability. Our goal is to demonstrate that the application of kindness in the right way results in a company doing well.

Our research is undertaken in partnership with Macquarie University Graduate Management School. Our next paper for 2019 will focus on Conscious Leadership. We are looking for companies and leaders who are working hard at working kind to take part in this project.

Please accept the paper below as a token of our gratitude for the ongoing work you do to make the world a better place.

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Download the Whitepaper

Download our latest whitepaper from the Corporate Kindness Project. Read case studies from companies who are working hard at working kind…..

Meaningful Work Insights by Beaumont People

One of our partners Beaumont People undertook research and surveyed over 1000 people to ask them what makes work meaningful to them. Check out this interesting report to find out what we need to help provide better engagement at work, and therefore overall wellbeing as a nation.

Members Choice Book Recommendation

Check out this book recommendation from Bambuddha Member Mariane Power: Fulfilled – How The Science Of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier More Meaningful Life

Members Choice Podcast Recommendation

Listen to the Revisionist History Presents: The Happiness Lab with Dr Laurie Santos

Return on Action Report

Atlassin pose the question ‘What do you think the responsibility of business should be on important societal issues?’

Download the report ‘Return on Action’ the new social contract report for businesses to understand the views of one of the most important stakeholders of business – the employee workforce.

Whitepaper Leadership 4.0 – New Leadership For Disruptive Times

The Innovation Beehive have spent time up close with the Leaders of some of the most successful organisations in the world and observed what they are doing to succeed in disruptive times. Check out the Five Key Practices of Leadership 4.0, outlined in this White Paper.

Seeking Responsible Leadership Report

This report showcases responsible leadership for a sustainable and equitable world – in collaboration with Accenture.

‘The study represents the first stage of a multi-year initiative between the Forum of Young Global Leaders and the Global Shapers Community, in collaboration with Accenture, to create a new framework for responsible leadership and to help organizations cultivate environments in which it can flourish”. – Accenture

How Purposeful Kindness Can Make You A Better Leader Article

This article is a great read from David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom on how you can be a kinder leader.

Connect, Then Lead Article

By Amy J Cuddy, Matthew Kohut and John Neffinger asks the question Is it better to be loved or feared?

Being kind to others does make you ‘slightly happier’ Article

From the University of Oxford “Researchers conclude that being kind to others causes a small but significant improvement in subjective well-being. The review found that the effect is lower than some pop-psychology articles have claimed, but also concluded that future research might help identify which kind acts are most effective at boosting happiness”.

There is Strength in Kindness: Why Leadership Matters

This article discusses why ‘Kind’ Leaders are good leaders along with 5 things that Kind Leaders do well.

The Hard Data on Being a Nice Boss Article

Emma Seppala asks – “There’s an age-old question out there: Is it better to be a “nice” leader to get your staff to like you? Or to be tough as nails to inspire respect and hard work?


The Happiness Track Book from Emma Seppala

Learn from Emma how to apply the science of happiness to accelerate your success.


Why Leadership – development programs fail Article

By Pierre Gurdjian, Thomas Halbeisen, and Kevin Lane. Read how “Sidestepping four common mistakes can help companies develop stronger and more capable leaders, save time and money, and boost morale”.


The Power of Kindness from Hall & Partners

Kind leaders shaping the future. This whitepaper ‘provides further compelling evidence that kindness has a positive impact on organisational culture and performance. Working with the Saïd Business School, Hall & Partners have taken the insights from their work and combined them with our own research, pulling together an insightful and thought-provoking booklet for the Women of the Future programme’.

2020 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study

Read this study by Edelman and LinkedIn, as they collaborate to investigate the impact of thought leadership on business generation. ‘This year’s survey results reaffirm that companies with the best ability to produce timely, thought-provoking thought leadership content are much more adept than their competitors at capturing their customers’ attention and turning that attention into positive results’.

Industry Review – Employee Engagement & Corporate Responsibility

From Your Cause & Blackbird – this report will inform you about trends, insights, and benchmark data often used to analyze a company’s employee engagement and corporate social responsibility program.

What keeps 600 CEOs awake at night during this global pandemic

This article by Harvey Mackay explores the results from Harvard Business School as they surveyed 600 CEOs recently and asked them what keeps them awake at night during this global pandemic.

Kindness Research Briefing

This article explores ‘what do we mean by kindness?’ and the benefits that come with it.

Seven positive outcomes of COVID-19

“From recovering ecosystems to new ways of learning, there are silver linings to the global pandemic, writes Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal of Macquarie Business School”.