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We love the work you do and we are here to help you to continue to change the world.

In a time where a social licence to operate is more important than ever before, we wanted to support the sector by researching 100 companies working towards sustainability here in Australia to showcase the benefits of working in a kind and sustainable way. The study will provide a model and methodology for Corporate Kindness. Our findings on this project will be displayed through a series of themed White Papers. The outcomes of the study will encourage social and environmental innovation as part of business development and sustainability. Our goal is to demonstrate that the application of kindness in the right way results in a company doing well.

Our research is undertaken in partnership with Macquarie University Graduate Management School. Our next paper for 2019 will focus on Conscious Leadership. We are looking for companies and leaders who are working hard at working kind to take part in this project.

Please accept the paper below as a token of our gratitude for the ongoing work you do to make the world a better place.

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