Inclusive Workplaces

Our Inclusive Workplaces Solutions are the cornerstone of a thriving, forward-thinking organization. We understand that kindness is the catalyst for success. By prioritizing inclusivity, we create environments where every individual feels valued, unleashing their full potential. Inclusion isn’t just a strategy; it’s the key to innovation, resilience, and sustainable growth.


Inclusive Workplaces

About: Our Inclusive Workplaces Program Suite is a comprehensive solution designed to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within organizations. Through strategic planning, education, policy development, metrics, and community engagement, we empower organizations and leaders to cultivate inclusive cultures, drive innovation, and achieve lasting social impact in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

  • DEI Strategy Development: Collaboratively create a comprehensive DEI strategy aligned with organizational goals.
  • Training and Education: Provide workshops, training, and awareness programs to foster cultural sensitivity, reduce unconscious bias, and promote inclusive communication.
  • Policy and Compliance: Develop and update DEI policies and guidelines, ensuring legal compliance and equity in workplace practices.
  • Metrics and Reporting: Establish measurement systems to track progress and assess the impact of DEI initiatives.
  • Reconciliation Action Planning (RAP): Collaborate with Indigenous communities to develop RAPs, fostering reconciliation and understanding.

Outcomes:  Inclusive workplaces and organizations unlock numerous benefits: enhanced employee satisfaction, improved retention rates, greater innovation, strengthened community relations, compliance with diversity regulations, and ultimately, increased profitability through a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Psychological safety forms the foundation for belonging. Before engaging in our programs, assess and establish this crucial base. Inclusive Design embraces diversity, drives innovation, expands markets, and enhances engagement.

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What are people saying about us?

Bambuddha worked with SDMF on recasting our events fundraising strategy. They got it grasped our requirements quickly and shaped a workshop for a time poor and diverse stakeholder group wrestling with a thorny problem. We found it particularly valuable that they draw upon their own deep and broad experience and can quickly cut to the heart of the issue.

Alex Green, General Manager - Sir David Martin Foundation

Bambuddha creative is a dynamic and refreshing team of marketing guru's. Very quickly they identified what our target market would respond to in order to create conversions. They helped to identify and add the "heart" to our product and showed us how to use this in the marketing plan for our target market. They have boundless energy, work within your budget, are incredibly understanding & supportive and do not know the word 'obstacle' We only have one wish.... that Bambuddha would join our team permanently. Thank you.

Pam Burnett, Cream Workwear

Contributing some of our profits to fundraising and charities has always been part of our business. But Bambuddha helped us streamline our fundraising efforts and align with one charity to create more of an impact and allow more ways for the whole team to be involved. This created a more meaningful charity partnership for the business and a clear fundraising plan.

Annabelle Davidson, Director - Social Playground

Bambuddha worked with us to develop our marketing strategy during a period of growth for the company, the advice and solutions they provided enabled us to take the next steps. We have gone on to see significant growth, a big thanks to Anna and the team.

Oliver Sheer, Managing Director - Be Challenged

Working with Bambuddha Group has helped me define a vision for the business and create a blue print for our CSR, sustainability and employee corporate kindness initiatives, whereby our team is empowered to contribute as part of their overall KPI's and contribution

Gabrielle Browne, Alpha Vet Tech

Working kinder adds an additional layer of strength in business, which has been an important aspect for me. Bambuddha Group allows like minded people to come together to create strong and conscious businesses with lots of heart and soul

Doreen Brown SEO

By sharing their expertise Bambuddha helped us effectively connect our culture to service strategy in a way that truly engaged our staff. The program ensured our people were happy, motivated and armed with materials created to build efficiency and excellence within their teams. We would endorse Bambuddha to any like-minded company looking to develop an empowered culture for their people.

Merivale, 2017

Bambuddha introduced us to the B Corp assessment tool so we could benchmark our practices across governance, transparency, environment and social impact. By doing this we were able to go for certification. The team continue to work with us to deepen our impact for our stakeholders and the community.

Clovelly Community Bank - Branch of Bendigo Bank