THE EVOLUTION OF BUSINESS. Why Purposeful Business Is Essential To Society’s Future

Tuesday May 4th, 2021
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


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What you will get from this webinar:

  • Understand why it is essential for business to evolve and why having a higher meaningful purpose in business is vital for our future
  • Clarity on the difference between “purposeful” businesses/brands vs those with a purpose statement
  • An understanding of why “purposeful” businesses are financially outperforming those without a purpose AND those with a passive purpose statement
  • Inspiration from purposeful businesses showing us what the future can look like

Charles Darwin brought us the term “survival of the fittest” and suggested that organisms best adjusted to their environment are the most successful in surviving and reproducing.

So what happens when we apply this thinking to business?

If business is an organism, then how it adjusts to its environment has to be paramount in determining how successful it will be in surviving and growing.

The last few decades of Shareholder Capitalism-driven business has led to short-term expectations of profit. The pursuit of profit has driven environmental vandalism and social compromise.

Not every business has trodden this path, but enough have, to create a society with increasing inequality, poverty, mental and health issues and climate change.

Business cannot exist without society.

That is a fundamental, unavoidable truth.

Yet the continuation of business-as-usual leads society to a bleak future. So how can business adjust to this environment to secure its future?

Enter Social Purpose.

Join me at 12:30 AEST May 4th, when I’ll be hosting a free webinar on “The Evolution of Business”. This is such a topical subject today and is equally relevant to SME businesses and large corporate businesses and brands.


Please note – this a third party event we are recommending and not hosted by Bambuddha.


Tuesday May 4th, 2021
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


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