Mindset Transformation Webinar 2020

Tuesday September 22nd, 2020
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


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We are going through troubling times and we are all trying to adjust to the massive lifestyle changes that have been brought on by COVID-19.

Our world seems to have turned upside down and everything that we have built around our identity has been shaken to its core.  As a transformational mindset coach, many people I have been in contact with are experiencing the challenge of:

– working from home and managing their household.

– loss of identity as their social activities have diminished

– isolation and mental health challenges

– co-parenting whilst home-schooling

– financial insecurity with uncertainty in employment

– the chokehold of asking for help

– tension within family dynamics

– fear and apprehension of the future

A number of us are experiencing high anxiety, stress and fear. Can you relate?

For me, unchecked, this is a massive concern that is spreading through our communities as it impacts every level of our lives. Fear and stress have a knock-on effect and without the ability to manage it, it riddles holes in our mental health and deteriorates our ability to function.

This is why I wanted to share the tools I have learnt as a transformation coach to help get through this period of your lives. This is something I have learnt through my own personal experiences from being pregnant and homeless, struggling through a survival mentality to where I am today, thriving and helping others transform their circumstances and rewrite their stories.

Adversity only makes us stronger, and we CAN get through this with the right mindset and tools. This is an opportunity to build resilience, and I want to show you how.

The clients I have worked with have learnt how to:

– Manage their emotional state through mastering the mind
– Change the way they think and feel
– Overcome self-doubt and judgement

They are doing the work and are experiencing a better life for it through greater confidence and resilience, which is why I want to share these tools with as many people as I can right now.

At this mindset transformation webinar, you will:

1. Gain an understanding of how the way you think and perceive events comes down to your mindset

2. Learn the two critical elements that impact your mindset

3. Recognise patterns of behaviour and how to disrupt it

4. Learn powerful techniques to change how you are feeling almost instantly

5. Gain access to a 14 day take home mindset transformation guide to help you implement these strategies and techniques

6. Have access to a community and other resources to support you through this challenging time

During this challenging time, we understand people have different levels of investment.

I am passionate about transforming people’s lives and believe that everyone needs to take the time to invest in their mental health and growth mindset. In saying that, the price of the Mindset Transformation Webinar is determined by you and your unique financial circumstance. We are offering a $9 and $19 registration fee. An alternative to the $19 option is to sponsor another person you know who could benefit from such a webinar, which ever cost option you decide – no judgement, only love.

Let’s do this!

Speak to you soon.

Yemi x

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Please note – this a third party event we are recommending and not hosted by Bambuddha.


Tuesday September 22nd, 2020
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


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