Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt StSydney2000

Masterclass: Brand Purpose with Carolyn Butler-Madden

Tuesday November 23rd, 2021
9:00 am - 11:30 am

Sydney NSW

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Brand Purpose Masterclass

How to put purpose at the centre of your brand.

This masterclass introduces the first pillar of the Path To Purpose Methodology, Brand Positioning. The Path To Purpose Methodology was designed by Carolyn Butler-Madden to help business leaders unlock the full value of a meaningful purpose strategy, with confidence.
Once we understand what purpose looks like through our brand, we gain so much more clarity on the bigger game we as a business can play. That is why it’s the first pillar of the methodology. With this clarity, we are able to move forward with more confidence and step into our role as a purposeful business, using our brand to scale our impact and drive our success.


  • – Understand the difference between having a purpose statement and being a purposeful business
  • – Understand the vital role that brand plays for purposeful businesses
  • – Get clear on the key foundations of a purpose-led brand and how to get there, including
  • – How to define your “People Like Us”
  • – How to uncover your organisation’s authentic higher purpose
  • – Understand the differences between Vision, Mission, Purpose and Promise and the role each plays within a purpose-driven brand
  • – How to articulate your purpose statement simply and compellingly
  • – How to ensure your purpose inspires action
  • – Understand the relationship between the action you take and the success of your business

Tuesday November 23rd, 2021
9:00 am - 11:30 am


Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt St, Sydney NSW, 2000

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