Learning and Lessons from the Tension in Difference

Wednesday July 28th, 2021
12:15 pm - 1:45 pm


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NSW diversity and Inclusion Network

Learning and Lessons from the Tension in Difference

A range of authors will discuss their journey in writing on topics linked with diversity and inclusion through the lenses of life, work and home. The AHRI D&I Network will host an online facilitated discussion with four authors. Each author brings a different perspective – from diversity dimensions like gender equity, cultural diversity and gender and sexual diversity, to inclusion and staying true to ourselves.

We’ll explore what caused each author to write or contribute to their respective books, and gain insights supporting workplace inclusion from their individual and collective research and experience.

Their writings explore tensions in life and in work, and any work in organisational diversity and inclusion deals with tension in some way. How do we move to a place of understanding and welcoming difference? How do we ensure open, respectful, authentic conversations on what are often difficult or controversial topics? How do we learn and grow from this?

Join us for a vibrant panel discussion, bring some questions of your own, and our authors will leave you with action you’ll be able to take into your organisation and your work.

This forum is suitable for:

People leaders and anyone interested in different perspectives on and actions to support inclusion.

Speaker: Anneli Blundell (she/her), Keynote speaker and consultant

Voted one of YMag’s Top Ten Women to Watch in 2019, Anneli’s passion for decoding people and performance dynamics make her a sought after speaker, mentor and leadership expert.

With her keynote speaking, and flagship programs on Women@Work, and Applied Allyship, Anneli brings her gender advocacy to large groups of leaders, creating safe spaces to explore the issues and opportunities of inclusion, belonging and allyship in practical and profound ways. Anneli gives leaders the tools and strategies to value all voices equally, to sponsor hidden talent, and to develop the unlikely leaders waiting to be discovered. It’s about knowing how to cultivate the right conditions to turn potential into performance at every level, for everyone.

To Anneli, workplace equality is not only about policies; it’s also about the daily practices that support them. This is not about eradicating our human bias, it’s about humanising our leadership habits.

Anneli’s latest book, ‘When men lead women; Navigating the facts, fears and frustrations of gender equality as a male leader’, explores the response of men to the rise of power in women and provides a practical pathway towards daily allyship.

Oh and she’s a nifty parallel parker, a keen runner and a salsa dancing addict. It has been said that she may love her cat more than her husband…. But she will neither confirm, nor deny these claims.

Speaker: Budi Sudarto (he/they), Director, Trainer, Consultant, Ananda Training & Consultancy

Budi is the Director of Ananda Training & Consultancy, a boutique agency specialising in intersectionality, inclusion and belonging. He has delivered training, workshops and presentations to multiple organisations to improve their understanding of intersectionality, and explore ways to incorporate an intersectional lens as part of Diversity & Inclusion strategies and practices.

In addition, Budi has continued his advocacy to ensure the voices of multicultural and multifaith LGBTIQA+ communities are heard and valued, and he has worked with multicultural communities to build an understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of LGBTIQA+ in their communities.

You are most likely to find Budi walking around his local park, working at his local cafe, or trying cake recipes, some more successful than others.

Speaker: Cassandra Goodman (she/her), Coach and leadership pioneer

Cassandra describes herself as an authenticity activator. She is a leadership pioneer, coach and author who is guided by an aspiration to activate human potential at work.

Cassandra loves supporting leaders to create congruence between who they really are, and how they lead. She has three decades of business experience and has held many different senior leadership roles, including Global Director of Employee Experience at Bupa where she was responsible for activating Bupa’s purpose ‘Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives’ for their 86,000 employees across the world.

Cassandra is the founder of The Centre For Self Fidelity and her first book ‘Self-Fidelity’ was released late last year.

Cassandra lives in Melbourne. She is married and has two young sons and can often be spotted on the streets of Melbourne cruising between lively conversations on her bright red pushbike.

Speaker: James Hare (he/him), HR Business Partner, Uniting

James’ passion for Diversity and Inclusion is a part of who he is. Be it advocating, leading community organisations, community involvement, leading organisational strategy, projects or lived experience.

His focus has always been enabling individuals to shift practices and culture. He found his voice through different mediums, be it HR practice, diversity working groups, podcasts, interviews or meditation groups. With a growing audience and a successful coaching practice, he is now putting pen to paper to share his insights in a new book: ‘Leading Inclusive Organisations – Supporting our champions and allies to innovate”.

James is Sydney based and loves living in the Inner West.

Other details

Authors   Book
Anneli Blundell   When men lead women (pocket book) Author
Budi Sudarto   Living and Loving in Diversity Contributor
Cassandra Goodman   Self-Fidelity – how being true to yourself uplifts your working life Author
James Hare   Leading Inclusive Organisations – Supporting our champions and allies to innovate (book in progress) Author


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Wednesday July 28th, 2021
12:15 pm - 1:45 pm


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