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Coach 2021 Full House: Jeremy Mah

Friday February 25th, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Kindness Coaches Assemble! For a morning of learning, inspiration and insight development that will enhance your leadership coaching practice.

Coach 2021/22 Full Houses bring together our amazing tribe of coaches to hear from and engage with an experienced leader in a field that is particularly relevant to kindness in leadership coaching.

Our first Full House for 2022 will be delivered by Jeremy Mah – Bambuddha Programs Committee Member, Coach Facilitator and Macquarie University academic.

Jeremy is passionate about supporting those working to create change. Specifically, his interests lie in human potential and sustainability, environmental and social issues, transformative learning and coaching, leadership and organisational change, and how our understanding of these fields can help create a more positive future.

Jeremy recently completed his PhD research, which explored how we can better support the resilience and effectiveness of those working to create change. In particular, how Focusing (a form of inward bodily attention widely used within the humanistic psychotherapy tradition) can be used within coaching to support self-care and help prevent burnout. This research aligns with Jeremy’s experience in transformative learning, sustainability education and leadership development, organisational change management, strategic government policy and program development (in particular, energy efficiency and climate change adaptation), and environmental impact assessment.

It is hoped that this research will help to stimulate dialogue within the transformative learning and coaching, and sustainability leadership and organisational change communities, regarding how embodied ways of learning can support both personal and social change. In other words, how transformation from the individual, micro level to the social, macro level can be viewed as a whole, ongoing process.

Jeremy’s Full House session will:
– explore what kindness leadership looks like,
– how it is important for helping to create social impact/change, and
– how coaches can support the development of kindness towards self and others.

Coaches will be introduced to Focusing (Eugene Gendlin), a widely used psychotherapy technique that can be used within the context of coaching to support the self-care and effectiveness of practitioners working to create environmental and social change. Further adding to the Bambuddha Kindness Coach’s repertoire!


Please be advised this session is intended for Bambuddha coaches only.


Friday February 25th, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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