Academy Xi Ground floor/48 Druitt St Sydney 2000

Circular Design Workshop Sydney

Friday March 27th, 2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sydney NSW

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Circular Design is a fundamental enabler for organisations to transition into the circular economy. It delivers desirable, feasible and viable solutions that design out waste and pollution from the outset, keep products and materials in use for as long as possible and regenerate natural systems along the way.

In this workshop, you will work in a cross-industry and multi-disciplinary environment to learn about a new business paradigm, understand how circular economy unlocks value across people, planet and business and practice circular design.

Mixing theory, circular success stories and practical application, you will deep dive into what circular economy is, explore a range of industries at a systemic level, identify current challenges and impacts across people, planet and profit. You will use practical tools to re-design products, processes and business models in a circular way. Finally, you will identify what needs to be done to move into implementation.

We are super privileged to have a Special Guest Speaker: Jason Graham-Nye, CEO of gDiapers. Jason along with his wife Kim are the co-founders of gCycle (, a global company with an industry-leading solution for nappy waste – our purpose is to end our dependence on landfill by regenerating waste into resources that replenish the earth.

The gCycle solution delivers and collects nappies and wipes to childcare centres, safely transforming the used product into nutrient-rich organic soil. What could have been a single-use nappy is ultimately given new life in agriculture. It received a Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable Cities Award.

Jason concurrently manages gDiapers ( and ( a 15-year-old consumer-facing brand of  compostable nappies in the US and Europe. This product was the first to receive the prestigious Cradle to Cradle certification back in 2006 and was chosen by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation to join their ‘Circular Economy 100” group of companies.  He knows his nappies!

Learning outcomes:

  • Shift from a linear to a circular mindset
  • Learn about and put in practice circular design tools to identify new opportunities balancing people, planet and profit outcomes
  • Translate circular ideas into actions

Methods, frameworks and tools:

Curated and tailored methods and tools from best in class circular design around the world, including:

  • Butterfly model
  • (eco)system mapping
  • Empathy walk
  • Circular creativity
  • 6 circular business models
  • Game Plan

Audience : This workshop is for circular economy pioneers that want to drive change in their organisation. It is relevant for professionals working in

  • Strategy and business modelling
  • Procurement and supply chain
  • Design
  • Operations
  • Sustainability
  • Customer Experience

All company sizes are welcome, from start-ups to multinational.

Diversity of seniority and industry background is encouraged.

Having some circular economy background is a plus but not essential

Format : Collaborative and experiential session

About the facilitator:

Jenni Philippe founded circleco (formerly Design Thinking In Action) to shape a new business paradigm. Collaboration, systemic approach and human-led innovation are at the core. ​Her mission is to drive the transition towards circular economy in Australia across organisations, government and communities.

Jenni has over 12 years’ experience in strategic design and delivery, behavioural change, operating models and service design. She has led teams on large transformation projects in Europe and Australia across State & National Governments (Environment, Transport, Service NSW, Education, Defence) and Financial Services (QBE, Westpac, Macquarie). When she was GM of Customer Experience Design at Telstra, Jenni focused on building human centred design capabilities across organisations to empower leaders and employees with people-centric, systemic and innovative ways of working across all Business Units.

At circleco, she has developed a circular design methodology to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. By building deep empathy with customers, employees and partners and considering social and environmental contexts, she brings a holistic view to solve systemic challenges.

If you wish more details about the workshop, find out about upcoming workshops or request a tailored workshop for your organisation, please contact Jenni Philippe, Founder & Director, [email protected] 

What participants from previous workshops said…

“Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable workshop. It was quite fulfilling to see a room full of professionals with the same passion and purpose as I, to transform the way we work (individually, through businesses and governments) for the betterment of society and environment.
It gave me that extra strength when I learnt that we are facing the same / similar road blocks and challenges with implementing circular design in to our corporations / our careers / daily life.
Your workshop inspired me to keep trying and go hard at making the transition to be in a position where I’m contributing daily for people, planet and profit. Thank you Jenni!!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Circular Design Workshop. Not only was it a very comprehensive induction into different circular techniques but also included a fantastic overview of available resources, enabling participants to apply the new-found knowledge. Jenni is a wonderful facilitator – she is not only super passionate about her work but also highly insightful and excellent in guiding Design Thinking / Circular Economy ‘newbies’ through the process & helping them find their voice. It has been amazing to see what great work can be produced in such a short time – kudos to Jenni for inspiring us to think differently”

“Thank you so much Jenni for a wonderful workshop! I loved it and what a great venue. It was so good to meet you and all who attended the event.”

“Well structured, informative and creative”
“I loved integrating design thinking into circular thinking”
“Please keep educating as many people as you can Jenni, we need all of us!”

Across our past workshops, 68% participants said the workshop exceeded their expectations.

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Friday March 27th, 2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Academy Xi Ground floor/48 Druitt St , Sydney NSW, 2000

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