Bambuddha Boost – Luli Adeyemo

Wednesday May 20th, 2020
10:00 am

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Creating virtual content for real people

Now that meetings are taking place online rather than face to face it’s important that people who host online meetings create content that engages and eliminates ‘taking head’ fatigue. I have run many webinars on behalf of our clients and there are simple tweaks that can be made in the planning phase and physical delivery of an online meeting that reduces duration, achieves high engagement and keeps audiences coming back for more.

3 key takeaways people will leave with

*Useful tools such as Prezi software enabling human connection and a better experience.
*Simple Techniques in the planning and delivery stage that can increase engagement
*Attend and Access a copy of our Five Point Check List for engaging online meetings


Real Thought Leadership in Virtual World – Online Event Experts
Building content, creating marketing and managing the delivery of virtual events for IT organisations, not-for-profit / associations & Government. Our team of thought leaders are working with business leaders to continue to foster thought leadership. There is no reason why Australian organisations can’t continue to be a source of authority and the go-to resource for customers while also keeping competitors on their toes!

Through our tested framework, we quickly deploy custom-built content especially tailored for online engagement in topics such as IoT, AI, Cybersecurity, CX, Analytics, Cloud and more.

We have industry associations as clients notably the Australian Information Industry Association and IoT Alliance of Australia where we work with them to curate programmes that deliver value to their members. We also work alongside State & Federal Government agencies to provide the industry insights that they need.

There has been a tremendous shift when it comes to more collaboration from various sources during the event planning phase – moving towards a more varied and enhanced learning experiences for event delegates. Our team have always focused on building varied and education programs for our clients, but we have recently collaborated with Ecosystem to address changing trends in event consumption and expectations. You may recognise some of the faces at Ecosystem, like me, many are ex-Gartner & IDC employees who want to make content more accessible, transparent and autonomous.

BCS established itself in 2007, we have been serving the Australian market place for well over a decade and this track record has resulted in us becoming an invaluable event partner to technology, government and healthcare clients who continue to work with BCS in order to leverage their market knowledge and networks.

We are also experts in building content beyond the event walls to amplify delegate experience at their place of work. Leverage our expert facilitators who work with speakers and participants to help them have an engaging conversation at the event and months after the event. Keep the conversation going, through quality leadership pieces – whitepapers, thought leadership reports, ebooks and more.


Wednesday May 20th, 2020
10:00 am


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