Foundation Course

Coaching Foundations + Introduction to NLP

Many people are tentative as to whether they are ready to study Coaching to the Diploma level & it is an investment that you have to be confident in making so we have created a Coaching Foundations + Introduction to NLP Course for just $1620.

This Course will introduce you to the fundamentals of Coaching, provide you with a great introduction to NLP and set you up for continued study if you wish to pursue becoming a qualified Coach. See course content below.

If then proceeding to study one of our Coaching Diploma courses you receive Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for a portion of the Diploma and the amount paid is taken off the cost of the Diploma. All online and completely self-paced study, your work is marked within 48 hours. When completed you will be recognised with a Certificate of Completion of an AIPC Coaching Foundations course.

Your investment: $1036.80

Includes 20% discount by booking through Bambuddha Group +10% discount for total upfront payment (total usual price is $1620 +gst)

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Foundation Course

Course Content:

PROF1: Psychological theories and their contribution to coaching.

1.1 This unit outlines the various contributions of famous scientists and psychologists since the mid-late 1800s which have provided a valuable foundation for our understanding of human behaviour.

1.2 It explores in broad detail the theoretical approaches that are most relevant to guiding and motivating people to change, in particular from behavioural, cognitive, humanistic and social perspectives.

11.3 The unit provides an interesting and informative start to the exciting field of coaching, particularly from the perspective of positive psychology.

1.4 It is perfect for students who want to gain a better understanding of human behaviour so as to influence clients in ways that promote positive and long-lasting change.

PROF2: Use psychological models to motivate clients to change.

2.1 This unit details the skills and knowledge required to understand human motivation.

2.2 It examines theories related to what motivates us to do the things that we do –how we live our life, the goals we aspire to, the basis on which we make decisions.

2.3 Motivation is very simply, a process or mechanism that causes us to act or think in a certain way. It is a general term for any part of the psychological process that involves experiencing needs and drives, and the behaviour that leads to the goals which satisfies them.

2.4 This unit explores how we make changes in our life to reach certain goals, our readiness for change and the emotions underlying change.

2.5 It examines the various stages in getting ready for change, and identifies a range of situations where motivational skills can be applied.

2.6 The unit concludes by looking at stress and its effects on our bodies and our lives, outlining some ways to minimise and manage stressful situations.

PROF3: Using selected neuro-linguistic approaches in coaching.

3.1 Understand the principles, philosophy and practices of NLP.

3.2 Use NLP techniques to develop better client rapport and communication.

3.3 Understand representational systems and how they can be used in coaching.

3.4 Use eye patterns to better understand the client’s preferred representational system.

3.5 Use submodalities to facilitate changes in limiting beliefs and behaviours.

3.6 Understand the hierarchy of ideas and how to use this concept to gain agreement and forward momentum in a coaching situation.

3.7 Use linguistic reframes to change perceptions and influence positive behavioural change.

3.8 Use future pacing and anchoring techniques to maintain positive changes in behaviour into the future.

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