Personal Development

James has over 20 years’ experience leading large multi-national teams for a global IT services provider and has recently shifted his energy and passion to coaching, advising, and mentoring.   

James believes, via the very nature of being human, people are inherently resourceful.  As the creators of their own destiny, we’re capable of achieving amazing things, however over time events and situations happen to us which create beliefs which don’t always serve us and get in the way of reaching our full potential and becoming who we’re always meant to be.  James has experienced this first hand and is inspired by sharing his knowledge and working with people with big goals who want to change their worlds and make the seemingly impossible possible.   

With a new perspective or insight, people’s beliefs can change in an instant and these powerful conversations are what excites James and what he loves being a part of. 

James’ core values are health, integrity, personal development, responsibility, and achievement.  And his VIA strengths are fairness, forgiveness, spirituality, hope, and zest.