Certificate of Coaching

The Certificate of Coaching consists of 5 units of study. In this course, you will learn what coaching is all about, how coaching benefits individuals in terms of increased self – awareness, insight, and confidence leading to behavioural change, and why coaching is so important as a dynamic, interactive, relational process and reflective practice for self – improvement.

The course is particularly suited to those who want to know more about coaching before you make a decision as to whether you want to learn the practical side of coaching and how to become a professional coach. It is self – paced to fit in with your busy schedule. You have 6 months to complete the course, during which time our supportive Education Team will guide you through your assessments and provide positive, constructive feedback to promote your self – learning and change improvements. See units of study below.

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Units of Study:

PROF1: Psychological theories and their contribution to coaching

PROF2: Use psychological models to motivate clients to change.

PROF3: Using selected neuro – linguistic approaches in coaching.

PROF5: Coaching in the workplace.

PROF6: Coaching skills

On completion of this course you would have learned:

-More about yourself and how to live a positive, on – purpose life.
-What’s holding you back from the person you really want to be.
-How to become more assertive in your communication.
-The 10 NLP techniques that coaches use all the time.
-What motivates you and causes you to keep striving for improvement.
-The coaching skills including how to ask powerful questions to help others discover their inner wisdom and unleash their potential.
-That coaching can be revelatory and life-changing in the hands of an experienced coach.

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