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Laura Gerges

Strengths (Honesty, Kindness, Humor, Creativity & Gratitude)

Our CGO leads growth at Bambuddha Group with a focus on helping our corporate clients build kinder workplaces for people, customers, community & environment,

Laura is a passionate, innovative, and highly driven Social Impact Consultant, with over ten years of experience in the human services field, in positions of management and senior leadership.

Laura helps people and organisations design and undertake projects in an efficient and creative way, increasing their social impact. She uses a solution-focused approach that draws upon creativity, analysis, and systemic reasoning, exploring, and building ideas for potential solutions and creating desired outcomes that benefit the organisation.

Laura specialises in project and program management, grant writing, storytelling, business case development, policy development, stakeholder engagement & strategic planning. And she has a Bachelor of Social Work, a Master of Politics and Public Policy, and a Master of Arts (Creative Writing).