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Claire Quigley

Claire Quigley has a practical, fun, no-nonsense approach to helping leaders, innovators and educators to stretch thinking, unify communications and push through everyday challenges to fast-track the path to meaningful, sustainable growth.

Her specialty is in helping businesses design and embed innovation practices that produce predictable outcomes, inspire cultural change and move clients toward best practice.

“We all want to make a difference in our business, our community and our lives. Let’s work together to get you there faster.”

Claire holds local and international experience in the B2B space ranging across multiple industries including professional services, technology and traditional industries.

Her roles in several high tech startups helped set the foundation for their future success, the most notable of these being mobile cloud software company Feedhenry which was acquired by Red Hat in 2014 for $82 million.

Having been involved in the design and build of a number of strategic business units and direction changing Go-to-Market strategies for medium and large businesses, she understands what to look for when creating business success, including in people, strategic direction and execution.

Current services include: breakthrough workshop delivery, tailored client consultancy and in-house facilitation. Claire also provides insights as a public speaker on the topic of innovation for small to medium sized business.