Anna Sheppard

(Strengths: Bravery, Creativity, Humour, Kindness, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

Anna is the founder and CEO of Bambuddha Group, An ALL INCLUSIVE peer to peer leadership development network. Anna has added value to hundreds of companies and inspirational leaders by showing them how to ‘work kinder.’

Anna is also the founder of several other major initiatives, including The Corporate Kindness Project, which is an Australian based research study focusing on the business benefits of working kind,  the first white paper was released in 2019 and is now a podcast show ‘Project Good Boss’ which is launching soon.

The Gamechangers Gathering is an annual event founded by Bambuddha Group which brings together thought leaders and social impact experts dedicated to creating change. Bambuddha Group hosts sustainable leadership keynote events every two months and provides coaching and training built to encourage members to collaborate, educate, evaluate and celebrate sustainable development.

Throughout her career, Anna has raised millions in funds for charities via mutual partnerships, created for social and environmental impact.

Anna’s storytelling is relatable, down to earth and fun. She is a real powerhouse who is optimistic and engaging. Anna takes the audience on a journey leaving people feeling educated and inspired to be the change they want to see in the world.

Now with almost 2 decades of experience working developing partnership & marketing strategy for leading charities, government and the private sector she is an old hand when it comes to showing the big fish how to give back. Book Anna to speak here