Local Focus: The Kindness Cup is the biggest prize at Te Mata School

March 29, 2021

Read more on how the weekly award of a big silver cup celebrates everyday kindness by students at the Havelock North school.

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Connecting: Leading with kindness

March 24, 2021

Read more on the positive effects the one can have if you lead with kindness.

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Should Pediatricians Prescribe Kindness?

March 23, 2021

Read more about an innovative program shows that pediatricians may be able to contribute to healthy child development by encouraging kids to be kind.

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‘Blown away’: Tradie’s kind act after $5,000 find in new house

Read more on how A tradesman is being praised for doing the right thing and handing over an envelope full of cash, after finding it at a home he was working on.

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Focus on kindness and empathy to drive climate agenda

March 18, 2021

Read more on how recasting climate action and sustainability as a route to happiness is an important strategy for governments seeking to engage people, communities, and companies in achieving sustainable development goals

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Queenstown businesses respond to online hate: ‘Please be kind’

March 15, 2021

Read more on how Queenstown has gone from being described as tourism’s crown jewel to a community facing vitriol – and told it’s getting what it deserves.

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Sustainability and growing brand: Interview with Alexandra Peek (Bondi Sands)

Read more on how Sustainability is a big conversation across industries and Australian beauty brand Bondi Sands isn’t afraid to get amongst it.

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B Corps: Can business really be kind?

Read more on how and if businesses can be used as a force for good.

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Gender inequality in higher education persists

March 12, 2021

Read more on how female enrolment in higher education has tripled globally between 1995 and 2018.

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Covid And Kindness

Read more on how kindness has allowed businesses and employees to overcome tough challenges in the wake of Covid-19.

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Caring Got Cool: Diverse, Remote Teams Make Empathy A Vital Skill For Managers

March 11, 2021

Read more on how during this grueling pandemic, empathy has become a vital skill for team managers.

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Want to know which super funds perform best? Check if there are women at the top

March 9, 2021

Read now how small gains in annual returns making a big dollar difference in retirement, new research suggests you should look for super funds with female leaders if you want a bigger nest egg.

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Leading women reveal the ridiculous reasons they were denied positions and promotions

March 8, 2021

Read more on how women across corporate Australia are calling for an end to the ridiculous excuses they hear as to why they should not be promoted or paid the same as men.

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‘Be Kind We Care’ initiative launches to property industry

Read about the ‘Be Kind We Care’ initiative to promote kindness and wellbeing within the property industry.

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50 game-changing women of Australian music

Read about the artists who shifted the needle in our local scene

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Cover Story: Leaders say diversity programs expanded during COVID. McKinsey report suggests otherwise – Which-50

Read more on how diversity sits at the core of business sustainability programs. However, with the huge global economic upheaval ushered in by COVID-19 there were genuine concerns that many programs would be unwound, or at the least frozen.

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COVID Killed the Traditional Workplace. What Should Companies Do Now?

read about how executives can’t expect office life to be as it was. But they can create a new work world that will keep employees happy and productive, say Harvard Business School faculty members.

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Five female CMOs discuss the future of branding at Siegel+Gale roundtable

Listen for a discussion on five personal journeys and the important role brands play in improving gender equality.

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International Women’s Day 2021: How female leaders are leading the way with compassion and kindness

March 7, 2021

Read more on what we refer to different leadership traits between man and woman. Whenever I look at a digital word cloud on leadership what gets thrown up are different elements that define leadership between the genders

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B Corp month: The ethical and sustainable brands to know

March 3, 2021

Read about making ethical and sustainable swaps with these B Corp certified companies, including Patagonia, Innocent Drinks and TOMS.

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