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The Culture Audit, is a deep dive into your organizational identity. This audit not only defines your Purpose, Values, and Leadership Principles but also provides you with a detailed report on opportunities, barriers, and risks. Here’s what our Culture Audit package includes:

Culture Audit

Length : 3-6 month Program

Includes :

  • Founder & Leadership Discovery: Delve into the core of your organization as we uncover the founders’ vision and leadership perspectives, while also identifying potential opportunities and risks.
  • Purpose Definition: Clarify and refine your organization’s purpose, aligning it with your core values and objectives, with insights on opportunities for growth.
  • Values & Leadership Principles: Identify and solidify the values and principles that guide your leadership team, along with an assessment of potential barriers to cultural alignment.
  • Monthly Executive Coaching: Benefit from monthly one-on-one executive coaching sessions designed to align leadership with your newly defined culture, with insights on leadership strengths and areas for improvement.
  • High Performing Teams Review: Evaluate your existing teams for performance and cohesion, with insights on opportunities for improvement.
  • Internal Communications Review: Assess your internal communications strategies and channels to ensure alignment with your culture, identifying areas for enhancement.
  • Belonging: Foster a sense of belonging within your organization, promoting inclusivity and a kind culture, with insights on creating a culture of belonging.
  • Monthly Stakeholder Advisory Calls: Engage in advisory calls where we collaborate to track progress, provide guidance, and ensure your culture audit is yielding the desired results, with a dedicated section in the report highlighting key advisory insights.
  • Kind Culture Canvas: Utilize our Kind Culture Canvas, a visual tool designed to guide your organization in embedding kindness into your culture, with insights on how to effectively implement this canvas.
  • Program Planning: Collaboratively plan initiatives and strategies to implement cultural improvements, with insights on program feasibility and potential risks.

Outcomes: At the culmination of this journey, you will receive a comprehensive Insights Report. This report will provide valuable insights into opportunities for growth, potential barriers to overcome, and risks to be aware of as you navigate your organizational transformation.


This Culture Audit is designed to suit mid-sized to larger organizations. To maximize its effectiveness, tailor it to the organization’s size, goals, and available resources. Continuously adapting the audit to changing needs is crucial for long-term success.

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