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The Culture Audit, is a deep dive into your organizational identity. This audit not only defines your Purpose, Values, and Leadership Principles but also provides you with a detailed report on opportunities, barriers, and risks. Here’s what our Culture Audit package includes:

Culture Audit

Length : 3-6 month Program

Includes :

  • Founder & Leadership Discovery: Delve into the core of your organization as we uncover the founders’ vision and leadership perspectives, while also identifying potential opportunities and risks.
  • Purpose Definition: Clarify and refine your organization’s purpose, aligning it with your core values and objectives, with insights on opportunities for growth.
  • Values & Leadership Principles: Identify and solidify the values and principles that guide your leadership team, along with an assessment of potential barriers to cultural alignment.
  • Monthly Executive Coaching: Benefit from monthly one-on-one executive coaching sessions designed to align leadership with your newly defined culture, with insights on leadership strengths and areas for improvement.
  • High Performing Teams Review: Evaluate your existing teams for performance and cohesion, with insights on opportunities for improvement.
  • Internal Communications Review: Assess your internal communications strategies and channels to ensure alignment with your culture, identifying areas for enhancement.
  • Belonging: Foster a sense of belonging within your organization, promoting inclusivity and a kind culture, with insights on creating a culture of belonging.
  • Monthly Stakeholder Advisory Calls: Engage in advisory calls where we collaborate to track progress, provide guidance, and ensure your culture audit is yielding the desired results, with a dedicated section in the report highlighting key advisory insights.
  • Kind Culture Canvas: Utilize our Kind Culture Canvas, a visual tool designed to guide your organization in embedding kindness into your culture, with insights on how to effectively implement this canvas.
  • Program Planning: Collaboratively plan initiatives and strategies to implement cultural improvements, with insights on program feasibility and potential risks.

Outcomes: At the culmination of this journey, you will receive a comprehensive Insights Report. This report will provide valuable insights into opportunities for growth, potential barriers to overcome, and risks to be aware of as you navigate your organizational transformation.


This Culture Audit is designed to suit mid-sized to larger organizations. To maximize its effectiveness, tailor it to the organization’s size, goals, and available resources. Continuously adapting the audit to changing needs is crucial for long-term success.

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What are people saying about us?

Bambuddha worked with SDMF on recasting our events fundraising strategy. They got it grasped our requirements quickly and shaped a workshop for a time poor and diverse stakeholder group wrestling with a thorny problem. We found it particularly valuable that they draw upon their own deep and broad experience and can quickly cut to the heart of the issue.

Alex Green, General Manager - Sir David Martin Foundation

Bambuddha creative is a dynamic and refreshing team of marketing guru's. Very quickly they identified what our target market would respond to in order to create conversions. They helped to identify and add the "heart" to our product and showed us how to use this in the marketing plan for our target market. They have boundless energy, work within your budget, are incredibly understanding & supportive and do not know the word 'obstacle' We only have one wish.... that Bambuddha would join our team permanently. Thank you.

Pam Burnett, Cream Workwear

Contributing some of our profits to fundraising and charities has always been part of our business. But Bambuddha helped us streamline our fundraising efforts and align with one charity to create more of an impact and allow more ways for the whole team to be involved. This created a more meaningful charity partnership for the business and a clear fundraising plan.

Annabelle Davidson, Director - Social Playground

Bambuddha worked with us to develop our marketing strategy during a period of growth for the company, the advice and solutions they provided enabled us to take the next steps. We have gone on to see significant growth, a big thanks to Anna and the team.

Oliver Sheer, Managing Director - Be Challenged

Working with Bambuddha Group has helped me define a vision for the business and create a blue print for our CSR, sustainability and employee corporate kindness initiatives, whereby our team is empowered to contribute as part of their overall KPI's and contribution

Gabrielle Browne, Alpha Vet Tech

Working kinder adds an additional layer of strength in business, which has been an important aspect for me. Bambuddha Group allows like minded people to come together to create strong and conscious businesses with lots of heart and soul

Doreen Brown SEO

By sharing their expertise Bambuddha helped us effectively connect our culture to service strategy in a way that truly engaged our staff. The program ensured our people were happy, motivated and armed with materials created to build efficiency and excellence within their teams. We would endorse Bambuddha to any like-minded company looking to develop an empowered culture for their people.

Merivale, 2017

Bambuddha introduced us to the B Corp assessment tool so we could benchmark our practices across governance, transparency, environment and social impact. By doing this we were able to go for certification. The team continue to work with us to deepen our impact for our stakeholders and the community.

Clovelly Community Bank - Branch of Bendigo Bank