Cultural Change diversity & inclusion

Zoé Kennedy (she/her), the founder of Spark & Co consulting brings over twenty years’ experience in the practical application of staff led inclusion and relishes the opportunity to work with a diversity of teams to see impact from these actions. They take great delight in going beyond as many tick-a-box diversity and inclusion efforts as possible; joyfully replacing them with impactful, staff led outcomes that benefit both the organisations that take them up and the people within them.

Zoé is a born connector and has built an enviable expertise in staff led networks. Their unique ability to harness the power of workplace networks to lead cultural change is a gamechanger in the world of workplace diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. And their ability to build trust and rapport quickly has led to exceptional outcomes across a multitude of workplaces.

Zoé passionately believes in the power of lived experience leading cultural change and works with organisations to empower their staff and bring about positive revolutions. They are a proud and active member of the LGBTIQA+ community and see the immediate benefits of sharing their lived experience of this and other intersections of their identity.



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