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Businesses can and do change every corner of the world, every single day. Their influence is significant and far-reaching. Their potential to innovate and solve problems across the globe is limitless, yet their impact is not always positive.

I believe in, advocate for and help grow responsible businesses that perform better overall as a result of a deep commitment to improving their governance, environmental and social impact (including but not limited to terms like ESG, CSR, Social Impact, Sustainability).

We know that technology, data and transparency all play pivotal roles in solving the problems we face today and tomorrow. Which is why we have built Relievables – the Responsible Business Management Platform. People, Planet and Profit can and does positively co-exist – let Relievables show you how.


With business degrees both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, my practical experience has been broad and high-impact. Ranges from securing and establishing profitable revenue channels, products and strategic global partners, to complex, multi-organisational project management (technical, operational, digital), strategic planning and business transformation across early stage startups through to large corporate and government organisations.

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