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As a second-generation migrant, Vanessa has spent most of her life as a communication conduit between her family and those around her.

Vanessa is a social entrepreneur and community builder. Her passion is connecting Young Australians with the opportunities they need to grow and flourish. Vanessa thrives on person to person connection  and communication and prides herself on being a highly empathetic person.

As a survivor of domestic abuse, Vanessa spent most of her adolescence couch surfing and in insecure housing. Her passions lie around empowering Young People who are facing adversity to take control and make the most out of difficult situations.

Vanessa has spent the last five years of her professional career working with Young  Australians in high-level organising roles in the NFP Sector, NSW and Federal Parliament and the Union Movement.

After spending most of her professional career looking for mentorship and guidance to no avail, she began to think more deeply about the root causes of her experiences. This led her to create YPower in early 2020.

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