Big-picture thinker. Bold action-taker. Purpose-driven leader.

Trudy Johnston, Chief Bright Spark of Vim + Zest and Founder of The Butterfly Temple, is on a mission. The leader’s leader, she’s passionate about building a better world through impactful Personal Branding. Trudy founded Vim + Zest, a creative and branding agency that marries search analytics of customer behaviours with storytelling (video, text and imagery) to accelerate purpose-driven business growth.

From mentoring UN trainers working in Afghanistan and Iraq; to leading entrepreneurs that partner with Stanford University; to Grammy award-winning artists; to CEOs of prestigious global fashion brands; to change makers and transformative industry leaders for global companies; to 5 star tourism resorts in the Forbes Top 25, Trudy has worked with the best of the best.

Through her own unique Personal Branding methodology, Vim + Zest craft, design and manage the entire leadership communications ecosystem for leaders, equipping them with the latest digital toolbox to build their reputation and achieve cut through.

Her drive to support change makers and leaders is fuelled by 27 years of experience in PR, personal branding and marketing for organisations such as Sydney Symphony, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australia Council for the Arts, Biennale of Sydney , ABC and more.

She has lectured at both the University of NSW (Masters’ level) and Swinburne University, after winning a University Honours Scholarship.

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