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Talent Acquisition Manager, ANZ Sales (Australia and New Zealand)

Advocate for Inclusion and Diversity for all, and for Corporate Social Responsibility. Keen interest in incorporating these into recruitment strategies.

Cisco is special: we connect everything and innovate everywhere to benefit everyone. Our innovation and edge comes from our people. At HR for Asia Pacific, Japan & China I work every day to create a place like no other, so all of my Cisco colleagues can their professional ambitions and change the world. And achieve what they need to evolve as an individual, team, business unit, region and Cisco as a whole. We inspire, attract and recognize the best talent to support our primary goal: for Cisco to be the #1 IT company.

Steph Norris was the main mover and shaker on the Cisco Connected Women’s event a few months ago raising $2,700 for the Coral Sea Foundation. This is enough to train 5 indigenous women in PNG to dive so they can continue to maintain and look after the reef for generations to come.

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