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Paul Connell is a member of the Bambuddha Group Advisory Council

Paul is passionate about creating a world where no one has to choose between doing well themselves and doing good for others.

With over a decade of success in sustainable business, as both a Marketing Leader and Managing Director, Paul has consistently built businesses, teams and brands where profit, performance and purpose go hand in hand.

Taking his experience working across businesses like Unilever, Ben & Jerrys, Seventh Generation, Pukka he now hopes to work to make Business Unusual, Usual.

As Founder of “Build On Purpose” he aims to continue that work and partner with founders, investors, educators and leaders to:

+Build new purpose led businesses and brands
+Scale up existing ones to realise their potential
+Remodel old ones to be truly fit for the future

He also holds roles as the chair of the Marketing Academy Australia, Speaker at Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership, was formerly a director at Sustainable Business Australia, recognised as the #3 CMO in Australia and, most importantly, father to his two children Alfie & Hattie who will one day be old enough to ask him what he does at work!

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