Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley

Marque Lawyers
Human Resources Law Modern Slavery Sustainability

Kylie Owen

Corporate Social Responsibility Culture diversity & inclusion Human Resources STEM tech

Stephanie Norris

Culture diversity & inclusion Events Recruitment Sustainable Development Goals Wellbeing

Blaise Porter

Sims Limited
Corporate Partnerships diversity & inclusion Purpose & Values Renewables Sustainability

Lily Pejkic

Sydney Solar And Batteries
Business Strategy Ethical Products Purpose & Values Social Change Sustainability

Lauren Roberts

Charity and Community Customer Experience Design diversity & inclusion Innovation music speaking

Clem Hartson

Project Kindness
Building Relationships Keynote Speaker leadership Mental Health Social Change

Scott Sumner

Centre For Inclusive Design
Culture Transformation diversity & inclusion Purpose & Values Social Change Strategy Design

Ashley Hayes

Merlin Entertainments PLC
Business Strategy Corporate Social Responsibility Customer and Stakeholder Events Hospitality

Annette Williams

Blooms The Chemist
Brand Purpose Change Communication Communications diversity and inclusion Fundraising Marketing

Shelly McElroy

Leading Teams
Business Strategy Culture Facilitation speaking Wellbeing

Sarah Hall

Knight Fowler Jenkins
Building Relationships Business Development Business Strategy Employment Mentor Human Resources Mentoring Recruitment

Gretta Serov

On Our Own Tracks
diversity & inclusion Social Change Social Purpose

Siena Nisavic

The Cause Effect
Content Creation Creative Services SEO Content Social Media Social Purpose

Nikki Beaumont

Nikki Beaumont

Beaumont People
Business Strategy Charity and Community Human Resources Recruitment speaking

Carmel Molloy

Non Profit Alliance
Charity and Community Coaching Events Facilitation Leadership Development

Annette Densham

Audacious Agency
Brand Engagement Content Creation Public Relations Speaker writer

Elizabeth Williamson

Elizabeth Williamson Solutions
diversity and inclusion Facilitation and Coaching leadership Purpose & Values Speaker Transformational Change

Karen Porter

Underground Communications
Building Relationships Change Communication Purpose & Values Social Change Strategy

Dalia El-Saleh

Leadership Coaching Purpose and Values Transformational Coaching Wellness