Nalini has worked in international development and economic reform throughout her career, having worked in Australia and overseas for the Commonwealth Treasury, World Bank and SMEC International. She is passionate about economics, which she describes as the study of ‘the improvement of society and people’s wellbeing through government intervention in the markets for the delivery of essential services’ or ‘incentivising markets to deliver the relevant goods and services to the broader public’. Nalini holds a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Business and a Masters in Development Economics.

After more than 15 years in the public service where she pursued big-picture strategic reform, Nalini is keen to pursue a more ‘hands-on’ approach to improving the welfare of society. Her passion is to one day establish a purpose-driven business that empowers women to take on their potential in the workplace. As part of this journey, Nalini would like step into a more commercial role and learn the ‘ins and out of the business’, so that one day she can start her own social enterprise.

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