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Michael works to support our members with all legal related issues with a large team of experienced corporate lawyers to ensure our members have all the legal support they need to continue doing what they do best; making the world a better place.

Regarded by some as the idiot savant of the legal profession, Michael achieved fame as managing partner of his previous firm by giving all his staff $400 to spend on a pair of shoes. Having eventually come to the conclusion that working in a law firm is no fun, he started Marque in 2008 with the modestly stated ambition of completely changing the way law is practised.

Apart from his well-deserved reputation as a shameless self-promoter, Michael is actually a lawyer too. His expertise is in Trade Practices and intellectual property, and he does stuff like fending off price-fixing allegations by the ACCC against international airlines, merger authorisations, advertising vetting and compliance programs. Big copyright cases and some celebrity litigation too, but he doesn’t like to mention it much.

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