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Hi, my name is Luzia.

I’m a creative and love being part of anything that involves art and design, from painting, to floristry design, to trying something I’ve never done before.

I use my creative thinking to help others and offer support through whatever they maybe going through.

For the last 7 years, I have been working in childcare as a room leader at Little Kingdom. My team and I support children’s well-being and development in all areas, and are committed to dedicated learning in order to become strong role models for the little people to look up to.

Creativity is an essential part of teaching, and supporting children to express who they are is an integral part of their growth and well-being. Being a sensitive child (now a sensitive adult), this was something that was vital for me growing up. My goal is not only to inspire young children to become strong leaders for future generations, but to support all people from all backgrounds to feel happy, loved, and know that they are important. I would love to become a counselor and a coach to give something bigger than myself to others, and to continue to learn from and teach others while making a positive impact through my leadership journey.

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